Journal #002

Metaversité (MV) takes place in about two and a half months and so now the focus is on building the online space.

The concept is simple.

An intro to art & technology presented in a fun and interactive way.

In the last post, I shared a sketchbook from the Tate Liverpool. The plan is to use this as inspiration for two sketchbooks for MV.

But this is where it starts to become more complex. The idea is the sketchbooks would be powered by AI so you could do things like enter a text prompt to create images and videos based on the questions.

Still from "Spice King" made by ORIGIN STØRIES during Buildspace.

Current Sketchbook Titles:

Art for Degens

What the Tech?

The idea is there will be activities tied between the sketchbooks and the gallery space. But we still need to outline what will be showcased and how the gamified elements will work.

We want there to be a jukebox and for it to somehow be interactive for visitors.

I was exploring spaces in Mona for inspiration and there are some awesome ones, even stumbled on one with a trampoline!

Amazing space by gebirgshang (not where the trampoline is but still!) ReD0.2

Last time I also shared the Walt Disney Method from the book Manual Thinking as as a starting point.

Since we are still in the planning phase we will alternate between dreamer and realistic thoughts for the project.

Dreamer because you need the vision to build and realistic because there are things like budget, size of team required, time management, and goals to consider.

We will do a critical analysis at the close of the Artizen season which ends this month.

The aim for the Console is to have it slowly evolve over time in phases.

Simplicity and ease of use is key to this projects success. So we will start with:

General Channels followed by 2 city channels ( CDMX and Stockholm)

The other component I'm brainstorming is how to get more people to collect artifacts. I think access to the Console is gated for participants and collectors.

But I want to explore perks for 10 and 100+ collectors, who help support this project in its last days. I am thinking about 1-on-1 prompt workshops, special visual assets, listing as a patron for the IRL event, etc. If you have ideas of things I could do interested to hear.

Looking forward to how this all comes together. And excuse any errors trying to do this as close to stream of consciousness as possible.