Too many people are biased towards putting a lot of money where they have to constantly make decisions: if you think something is undervalued and buy it, and at the same time you think it doesn't deserve too high a valuation and keep thinking about when to sell it, maximizing interest is hard, and so you repeatedly jump sideways through calculations and hesitations.

But if you can buy a few coins that don't require you to internalize them and follow a few great projects, then you can sit back in peace, and that's a great thing.

Bitcoin and ETH is the main meal to eat for a long time, cottage is the dessert, you can occasionally eat, but eat all the time will have diarrhea, how to eat that have to see how the big brother moves first.

A round of cattle, a round of coins. Now, in addition to BTC, plus a ETH, who can say the third coin that is sure to rise to the next round? There is a cost to long-term internal conflict.

In investing, distraction and internal friction often lead to hesitant decisions and difficulty maximizing benefits. Focusing on long-term holdings of mainstream projects that don't require frequent decision-making, such as Bitcoin and ETH, can lead to a more stable investment experience, whereas overly pursuing short-term gains and frequent operations can increase risk and uncertainty.

A simple and solid investment strategy is often the smartest choice.