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  • Orb Unveils Audio Rooms 🎉
    • Orna Update: Tipping 🤑
      • Lenspost Labs: Onchain Innovation 🔮
        • LensVoice Final Countdown 🎤
          • Trusted Talent #14: Orb Communities Edition 🍄
            • Beer Taste - Brews on the Blockchain 🍻


              Fresh from the Oven: Orb Unveils Audio Rooms 🎉

              Today, we're waking up to an update that's bound to set the tone for the entire year. Drumroll, please...🥁

              Spaces on Orb: Introducing Audio Rooms!

              Nilesh dropped us a DM bombshell: "Audio room is also live in Orb, would love to give you early access!" Did we just hear a collective WOW? Because that's exactly how we reacted!

              What's the Buzz? Spaces Now Available on Orb!

              This is a game-changer, mates! Spaces are now officially available on Orb, making it a massive start to the year for all you Bros and Sis out there. But wait, there's more!

              Audio Rooms Exclusive in Orb Communities!

              For the freshest scoop, you can currently host audio rooms exclusively inside an Orb community. It's like bringing the party directly to your community's doorstep! Did someone say beer? 😁

              Join the Audio Room Opening Party!

              Nilesh isn't holding back—he's already hosting one today (Friday the 12th) in the Orb Product Feedback community. Catch a glimpse of what's been cooking for the past few months while testing the Audio Room. Don't miss out! Set a reminder now!

              Important Links:

              Why is this a Big Deal?

              Until now, Buttrfly was the sole option for Spaces on Lens. Now, Orb swoops in with a fresh alternative and the added bonus of hosting audio rooms within Orb communities. Telegram and Discord, you've been served notice—time to move on!

              Congrats to Orb, Nilesh and Kipto for this massive ONE, mates!!! Below you can find the flyer announcing the first Orb Audio Room (art by Yakuza)😎


              Orna Update: Tipping, Testing, and Taking Off 🤑

              Ready for another one? Ok, so check this out!

              Meet Orna.Art - Your NFTs Oasis

              Ever felt lost in the NFT wilderness? Fear not! Orna.Art by Collectz is here to guide you through the jungle of Polygon blockchain and NFT markets. Imagine a space where social vibes meet high customization and advanced features like 3D and VR. That's Orna for you – a platform simplifying your onchain journey.

              Now, the Big News 📢

              Orna just dropped a Xmas holiday surprise – Smart Post Tipping is hitting Lens! 🎉 Tip your heart out, and guess what? 100% of that sweet tip goes straight to the creator's wallet. No middleman, just instant and safe support. They even made it so easy that any app can join the tipping party with just a few lines of code. Genius!

              Already itching to test it? Go ahead: Test it here. The future of tipping is here!

              Wallet Connect 2.0

              Hold on, there's more! Orna upgraded their Wallet Connect config to play nicer with Testnet. Smooth sailing, no glitches. Plus, you can now add as a PWA. Smart Post is the new sheriff in town, thanks to Orna.

              Scaffold-Lens: The Power Behind the Tip

              Here’s the twist: Orna teamed up with Paul Burke for Scaffold-Lens. What's that, you ask? It's a game-changer! This project is like the lab to creating Smart Posts and Open Actions on Lens. Paul and Orna used this tech wizardry to test and debug the tipping action. The real MVPs!

              In Orna's words? It's a "game changer for developers." ✨

              Why Should You Care?

              Imagine tipping in ERC-20 tokens, smart ads, or even crowdfunding right from your Lens app. Open Actions are bringing the party – and this is just the beginning! Orna, MadFi and others are redefining the Lens ecosystem, making it user-friendly, innovative, and just plain fun.

              Curious for more? Dive here:

              Cheers to smart tipping and even smarter developments🚀


              Lenspost Labs: Onchain Innovation 🔮

              Cross-mint via your Social feed? Sure 🤗

              The Lenspost Labs team just dropped a bomb on the Lens community, and it's a game-changer! Get ready to mint NFTs right from your social feed with an upcoming Open Action on Lens. The magic touch? Let's dive 🌊

              Cross-Chain OA: Pay in WMATIC, Get NFTs Anywhere!

              Lenspost Labs just made a PR for their cross-chain Open Action. What does that mean for you? Picture this: Pay using WMATIC on Polygon, and voila! Get your NFT on any chain—currently supporting Base Zora, with more L2s like Optimism in the mix. Seamless, efficient, and a whole new level of onchain awesomeness.

              How Does It Work?

              Here's the lowdown: The module accepts WMATIC payments, calculates the amount using Chainlink feed (equivalent to 0.000777 ETH + 10%), and triggers the server to mint your NFT (Zora) directly to your wallet. Lenspost Labs are not just pushing boundaries; they're redefining them!

              Why is This a Big Deal?

              Smart Posts/Open Actions are the future of social media apps, and Lenspost Labs is leading the charge. Imagine a future where you can seamlessly perform onchain actions without leaving your favorite app on Lens. This is more than an update; it's a glimpse into the onchain future the Bros and Sis dream of.

              Major kudos to Cyber Shakti and her team at Lenspost Labs for keeping up with the pace of innovation. We love you, Sis!

              Confused how it works? We got you covered, check out the picture below👇


              LensVoice Final Countdown: Meet the Four Finalists 🎤

              Yo! The LensVoice contest is gearing up for its grand finale, and we've got the Fab Four ready to rock your world 🌟

              Let us introduce them:

              1. Nena : Lens Masterpiece Alert!Hold your horses, bathroom singers! Nena presents a Lens masterpiece with the song "Korean Girl". It's a must-listen, so spread the LensVoice love!Watch and listen here:
                1. MacEagon Voyce: Crafting His Own FlowThe super talented MacEagon takes the spotlight with his interpretation of "FLOWT" by Cristina Spinei. This time, he even wrote his own lyrics! Talk about dedication!Tune in here:
                  1. Ckodaworldwide: The Grand Finale MaestroGet ready for the grand finale song by Ckodaworldwide, who delivers an incredible and different interpretation of "FLOWT" by Cristina Spinei. It's a musical journey worth every note!Enjoy here:
                    1. ORIGINSTØRY: Closing the Chapter with FLOWTClosing the LensVoice Final chapter, ORIGINSTØRY brings us another interpretation of "FLOWT" by Cristina (Wow). Shout out to Cristina for inspiring our Final Four!Here you go:

                      The special judges? Expect: Ali | Phaver , Nilesh and yours Yakuza 🎉

                      Together with you they will choose the WINNER!

                      Oh, and one more thing! The LensVoice Final will be hosted in the Trust Me Bro Spaces, hosted by Carla Monni and Yakuza! Stay tuned for the date announcement 😉


                      Trusted Talent #14: Orb Communities Edition Winner 🏆

                      The votes are in, and we've got a winner for this week's Orb Communities Edition of Trusted Talent!

                      Drumroll, please...🥁

                      The most liked and strong community is Je$$yFries Community 🥳

                      Btw, this was the first private Orb community on Lens!

                      Congrats to Jessy and her community 🍟

                      You can check and join Jessy's community here (if you belong to Jessy’s crew at Only for the professionals account)

                      A massive shoutout to all the Bros and Sis who nominated and supported their favorite communities.

                      Your enthusiasm and engagement is what keeps Communities alive and strong!


                      Beer Taste - Brews on the Blockchain 🍻

                      Time to crack open a cold one and dive into the future of beer – all thanks to blockchain magic

                      Why Beer + Blockchain? 🧐

                      Forget complicated jargon; let's keep it simple. Breweries are putting your favorite brews on the blockchain for 2 crucial reasons: TRACEABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY. Imagine knowing every step of your beer's journey, from the brewery to your hands. That's what blockchain does – it's like a beer diary, but more high-tech.

                      Meet the Trailblazers 🚀

                      Who's leading the charge in the world of beer on the blockchain? None other than the pioneers like Timmermans Brewery, from Belgium. Or you can take a sip of the Sweedish Ängöl Brewery's Helt Spårat – it's not just beer; it's a traceable experience powered by IBM Food Trust blockchain.

                      How Does It Work? 🌐

                      Picture this: every beer bottle has its own digital passport on the blockchain. You scan a code, and voilà! Instant access to the who, what, and where of your beer. No more mysteries, just pure trust.

                      Why Should You Care? 🤔

                      Simple. You deserve to know what you're sipping. Blockchain ensures that your beer is genuine, and the info on that label isn't just marketing fluff. You can also verify if their claims of sustainability are true. It's like having a chat with your brewer without leaving your couch or your local pub.

                      What's Next? 🌍

                      The beer world is evolving, and blockchain is leading the way. More breweries are hopping onboard to give you the transparency you deserve and that juicy pints!

                      For now, let them work 👇


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