I was mulling over where to park this article, in t/Vinyl or t/WEB3, and I've landed on t/WEB3. I want to encourage the WEB3 community to take a look at t/Vinyl and see that, while vinyl might be a medium from a different era, it's currently enjoying a renaissance. The vinyl collectors' community is bustling and has a deep love for music. So, any tech solution that can sort out a few of the music industry's pickles is more than welcome. If you fancy joining us on a journey towards fair play in the music biz, using cutting-edge tech, then hop aboard!

The Genesis of Rebeka

Rebeka, the electronic duo from Poznań, was like a spark in a dark forest, captivating attention with its glow. Born from the fusion of Iwona Skwarek and Bartosz Szczęsny's talents, they crafted something akin to a synthetic dream in music.

My 1st record shop - Cloud7, UK (2013/2014)

Early Encounters with Iwona

My acquaintance with Iwona dates back to around 2006. Her visits to our student apartment, where Diablo II sessions were rampant, were always a highlight. Her charisma and creativity were unmistakable, and her guitar skills were nothing short of mesmerizing.

'Hellada': A Fresh Creation

Their debut, "Hellada", released in 2014 by Winylowo Records, was like the first breath of a new creation – fresh, energetic, full of unexpected twists. This album, released in a limited run of 500 copies, quickly achieved cult status, and its market value grew like a mature vine.

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The Polish Electronic Music Scene of the Early 2010s

The era that birthed Rebeka was a golden age for Polish electronic music. Pioneers like KAMP!, The Dumplings, BOKKA, and Super Girl And Romantic Boys were redefining the genre. This vibrant scene laid the groundwork for Rebeka's innovative sound.

Rebeka 'Hellada' album cover

Dissecting 'Hellada's' Success

'Hellada' stood out for its haunting melodies, emotive lyrics, and groundbreaking production. These elements, praised in contemporary reviews, were the keystones of its success, capturing the essence of a musical era.

The Economics of 'Hellada' and the NFT What-If

The initial price of "Hellada" was 18 EUR, but over a decade, it climbed to 70 EUR. That's an annual value increase of about 7.8%. Over ten years, this investment saw a growth of 289%, like a well-struck chord on an old synthesizer – impressive and memorable. Imagine now, if back in 2014, "Hellada" had included an NFT. This technology could not only confirm the authenticity and uniqueness of each copy but also allow the artists to share in the profits from the secondary market.

Rebeka's Legacy and the Vinyl Revolution

Rebeka, though no longer existing as a duo, left an indelible mark in the history of electronic music. "Hellada", with the addition of NFT, could have been not just a musical but also a technological monument to their talent. "My journey into vinyl production, now leading POLVINYL, began with 'Hellada'. It was the first record I ever released. My personal connection with Iwona was a factor, but it was the music that truly compelled me. I was immersed in the sounds of MuM and Air, yet Rebeka felt closer, more tangible. I'll never forget the moment the pallet of Rebeka's vinyl albums arrived. It was an exquisite feeling," I recall.

Rebeka 'Hellada' inner sleves

Moving Forward: The Artists' Post-Rebeka Paths

After the duo disbanded, our paths diverged. I know Iwona and Bartek went their separate ways. Iwona continues as a solo artist under the name Iwona Skv, and Bartosz has delved into professional music production and mastering. Their separate journeys are a testament to the enduring legacy of Rebeka.


Synthetic pulses of 'Hellada' blend with the ambient textures of a Poznań evening. It's a sonic journey through the heart of modern electronic music, grounded in the tangible warmth of vinyl, yet echoing the limitless possibilities of digital innovation.

I'm chuffed to bits to share a slice of my publishing story with you. Today, at POLVINYL, we're grafting away to ensure scenarios like Rebeka's don't happen again. You see, 'Hellada' is just one of thousands of vinyls that have seen a significant jump in value. Sadly, the artists don't see a penny of it. It's high time we changed that.

Rebeka 'Hellada' 2 xLP, white vinyl