Ye Guan is also shocked at the moment, because he did not think that the secret area of Nanshan, unexpectedly alarmed the three families!

This is not normal!

Ye Guan turned his head to look at the Nanshan Mountains, he knew that the Nanshan mountains were definitely not a general secret, otherwise, they would never disturb the three most powerful families in the South!

At this time, dozens of powerful breath suddenly hit from the sky, and then, in the eyes of everyone, dozens of powerful men broke through the clouds and fell directly into the vast mountains.

Looking at the dozens of strong, Ye Guan look very dignified!

Among these dozens of people, the lowest is all the Dharma!

Because all can bend the air!

And the hunchback of the old man, is the legend of the secret!

Enter the realm!

Such a strong man, he is the first to see!

At this moment, Ye Guan in addition to shock, there is excitement and excitement!

He is now the true Dharma Realm, it is not difficult to kill all Dharma Realms, and he is not sure if he can kill this realm with a sword!

He wanted to try!

Of course, he is not stupid enough to really try so, if the other party knows that he has kendo heritage, then the goal of these three families may not be this secret Nanshan, but his leaf view!

At that moment, the people all around began to retreat toward the outside.

The three families have already said that if they stay here, they will die!

If other ordinary families, we may not give up so easily, but this is the three families!

In Nanzhou, except for Guan Xuan Academy, these three families are hand-to-eye!

Ye Guan took a look at the Nanshan secret environment, to be honest, so give up, it is some unwilling, of course, he is also very clear about his current strength.

Now he can't stand up to the three families!

Give up!

Ye Guan turned and walked away without any hesitation.

Ambition can have, but you have to have the strength to match it!

And at this moment, Ye Guan seemed to feel something, he suddenly looked up, the next moment, the luxury carriage has driven in front of him.

At this time, the curtain was pulled back, and Nalanga leaned out her head. She looked at Ye Guan and smiled. "Come up!"

Ye Guan was stunned, very surprised!

Nalanga smiled and said, "What are you still doing? Don't you want to see the secret place?"

Ye Guan smiled and said, "Yes!"

With these words, he leapt and jumped straight into the carriage.

After entering the carriage, Ye Guan is to see the cloud color dress woman, at the moment, the other is staring at him with great interest.

Nalanga sat down next to the woman. She looked at Ye Guan and smiled. "Introduce me, this is my fiance Ye Guan!"

The woman looked at Ye Guan and nodded slightly, "A talent!"

Nalanga looked at Ye Guan and smiled, "Her name is Nan Qingyue, and she is the big lady of the Nan family!"

Ye Guan made a slight bow, "Nan girl, nice to meet you!"

South Qingyue smiled: "Sit down!"

Ye Guan nodded, and then sat opposite the two people, he looked around, the carriage inside the space is very large, behind the two people, there is a screen, behind the screen, is a log bath tub.

At this time, the south Qingyue suddenly smiled: "Ye Guan prince is the true law?"

Ye point head, "Yes!"

South Qingyue slightly nodded, did not say anything.

The true law of seventeen years old, in the ancient city, is indeed a demon, in the whole South, is also a genius, but in the eyes of the three families, even if it is OK!

Because they have seen the outside world, have seen countless gods!

Nan Qingyue glanced at Nalanga, then at Ye Guan, and did not speak again.

At this moment, the carriage suddenly stopped, South Qingyue road: "Here!"

And with that she walked out!

Ye Guan and Naranga also followed out, Ye Guan looked around, at this moment, there are hundreds of strong people around!

Among them, the lowest is the true Dharma!

Ye Guan's eyes are full of doubts, what is the remains, even let the three families so big war?

Ye Guan looked into the distance. Not far away, there was a huge abyss, surrounded by mountains that had collapsed, and from time to time purple gas gushed out of the abyss.

Looking at those purple gas, Ye Guan suddenly startled!

There may not be zijin ore down here, but there are spiritual veins!

Spirit Vein!

In Nanzhou, there are Ling mine, spirit vein, dragon vein, earth vein, heaven vein, fairy vein.

Spirit mines are the lowest level and can only produce some ordinary spirit crystals.

The spirit vein is different, but it can provide a constant supply of reiki, and a newly discovered spirit vein, its surrounding is likely to have a large number of spirit crystals!

And what comes out of this abyss is purple gas, that is to say, there is at least one purple spirit vein in this abyss!

Plus, it could be the ultimate purple spirit!

At this moment, he finally understood why the three families fought so hard!

At that moment, a man appeared in the scene, a man dressed in white as snow, holding a folding fan, with a slight smile on his face.

Seeing the man, Nan Qingyue smiled, "Zheng Lin Childe!"

The man named Zheng Lin smiled and said, "The South girl is not coming as fast as usual!"

He paused, then looked aside at Nalanga. "And this girl?"

Naranga smiled. "Naranga!"

"Nalan girl!"

Zheng Lin was suddenly shocked, "You are the Naran girl who has one of the three gods in the legend, 'Holy Spirit God Body'!"

Nalanga smiled and said nothing.

Zheng Lin smiled and said, "Nice to meet you!"

Saying that, he looked to the side of Ye Guan, "This is?"

Nalanga said, "This is my fiance Ye Guan!"

My fiance!

Zheng Lin stiffened and then looked at Ye Guan, "Ye Guan...... Leaf family...... But the leaves to the north?"

Ye Guan shook his head, "I am the Ye tribe of the ancient city!"

Ancient ruins!

Zheng Lin winked, then smiled and said no more. The old town, a small place in the middle of nowhere!

At this time, a woman suddenly appeared in the scene, the woman wearing a green dress, hair such as a waterfall, slender figure, holding a handle in the hand of the flute, the eyes cold.

South green more looked at the woman, smiled: "Siqing girl!"

Siqing calmly said, "Here we are! Then go!"

South Qingyue nodded, "Go!"

After saying that, a group of people walked towards the distant abyss.

And the three powerful families did not follow!

Along the way, the three South Qingyue are talking and laughing, while Ye Guan and Naranga are a little lonely, but soon, South Qingyue begins to pull Naranga to join their topic!

Seems a little lonely only leaves view!

To this, Ye Guan does not care!

He knows that there are all kinds of big and small circles in this world, and this is someone else's circle, and others are not interested in him, and he is not too interested.

Different circles, he naturally will not go to strong melt!

His purpose is to see the secret place.

At this moment, the voice of the little tower suddenly sounded, "Familiar breath!"

Ye Guan frowns slightly, "Familiar breath? What do you mean, Tut?"

After a moment's silence, the little tower said, "Nothing!"

Ye Guan shook his head and smiled, this tower is mysterious.

In the distance, Nan Qingyue beside Nalanga suddenly smiled and said, "Xiao Jia, he does not deserve....... He's not right for you!"

Nalanga looked at the South Qingyue, the South Qingyue calmly said: "He is in the ancient city, it is really OK, but if it is put outside, it can only be said to be very ordinary!" Moreover, his family is too bad, a small leaf clan, destined his life mediocre! Because the Ye tribe could not give him better resources, and this era, pay attention to background and family! Without background and family history to pave the way, no individual effort, but also limited."

Nalanga looked at South Qingyue, a little surprised, "Qingyue, do you think he is very bad?"

South Qingyue took a look at the Ye Guan far away from them and smiled: "Just say this emotional intelligence, I feel very poor!" If I were him, I would put down my face and join us, instead of pretending to be arrogant. Of course, this is also normal, many people have no ability, but their hearts are higher than the sky, think that they are not worse than others, but he does not know that if he will please us, it will be of great help to his future!"

Saying, she shook her head slightly, "I say this, not because I want him to please me, but just to say that he could have.

There was a wonderful opportunity to move up, but he didn't take it!"

Nalanga laughed and said, "If he is really trying to curry favor when he sees you, then I have misjudged him!"

South blue Yue Dai eyebrows slightly frown.

After a while, Nalanga suddenly walked over to Ye Guan and said with a smile, "Qingyue is a student of the Academy, she is a student of Teacher Yang, so I know her." I have just met you and know you want to see this secret place, so I invite you to..... I didn't mean to embarrass you!"

How could she not see that Ye Guan was being snubbed?

She also knew that this circle culture was serious, and the higher it went, the more serious it became.

These kids of the family, super realistic!

Ye Guan was about to speak, just then, the distant South Qingyue suddenly said: "Spirit pulse!"

Smell speech, leaf view and Nalanga look to south Qingyue, at this time, South Qingyue is holding a compass, and the compass in her hands is rapidly turning.

Beside her, Zheng Lin's eyes were full of excitement and fire.

That Siqing also look moved!

South Qingyue suddenly said: "Go, go down and look!"

And with that, she went straight up into the air and down!

Beside her SiQing and Zheng Lin is also quickly followed down.

Nalanga looked at Ye Guan. "Go and see?"

Ye Guan nodded, two people also jumped into the abyss.

I do not know how long after, they fell to the ground, and far away from them, there was a huge black cave, next to the cave, there was a tree several feet high, the tree, bearing dozens of bloody fruit.

Seeing this fruit, the first South Qingyue eyes suddenly become hot, "This is the fire spirit fruit!" If you eat one pill, you can increase it for at least 10 years!"

The fire nut!

Dipin genius Dibao, a value of at least one hundred thousand spirit crystals!

South Qingyue side, Zheng Lin suddenly become excited, that Siqing look calm, no waves in the eyes.

South green more three people looked at each other, south green more sweep, a wave of air flying out, soon, the dozens of fire spirit fruit suddenly fell from the tree, and then was a strong wind sent to the front of three people!

Nan Qingyue directly divided it into three, each won twelve!

Nan Qingyue suddenly walked to the front of Nalanga, her palm spread out, two fire spirit fruit flew to the front of Nalanga, smiled: "Little Jia, this is also helpful to you!"

Nalanga smiled and said, "Thank you!"

With that, she put it away.

At this time, the Zheng Lin also walked to Nalanga, he took out two fire nut to Nalanga, smiled, "Nalanga girl! This is my little token, please accept it!"

Nalanga took one look at the two fire nuts, then shook his head and smiled, "Kind, thank you!"

Zheng Lin was stunned, then smiled and said, "Nalan girl is afraid of Prince Ye thinking too much?"

With that, he looked at Ye Guan to the side and smiled: "I think Prince Ye Guan should not be so stingy!" Of course, with all due respect, I'm not very concerned about what Prince Ye Guan thinks."

With that, he offered the fire nut to Nalanga again with a confident smile on his face, for this time, he gave five fire nut!

He was convinced that the woman in front of him could not resist the temptation.

Treat women, one word: money!

If not!

Two words: Add money!

South Qingyue looked at a leaf view, his face showed a playful smile.

Narangardei frowned slightly.

This is not only targeting Ye Guan, but also insulting her Nalanga!

When Nalanga was about to get angry, Ye Guan suddenly grabbed her arm and smiled, "Xiao Jia, since it was sent to you, then accept it!" Lest people call me petty!"

Nalanga looked at Ye Guan, saw Ye Guan smiled at her, she knew, now accept the five fire spirit fruit.

Ye Guan took the fire fruit directly from Nalanga's hand and ate it in front of everyone's eyes. Then he looked at the Zheng Lin and smiled, "It's fucking sweet!"

Zheng Lin that face suddenly ugly like dead parents!

Ye Guan blinked, "Angry? Oh, don't be angry! Because the angrier you get, the happier I get......"

With that, he took another bite.

Crowd: "......"