$STARK is the talk of the C-town

But what's being left out are the additional opportunities on Starknet projects, especially the ones set to receive STARK

$STARK Airdrop + Protocol's STARK airdrop + Protocol's Own Airdrop

Let's go dive through this sea of 🪂

Too many fish to catch

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@nostrafinance- Points Program


Stablecoin- 1 point per $ daily

Volatile asset- 2 points per $ daily


Stablecoin- 1 point per $ daily

Volatile asset- 2 points per $ daily

Yield Multiplier

10% bonus for choosing assets with highest supply & lowest borrow APY


Duration multiplier (both lending & borrowing)

The longer the better

Reward multiplier = (1 + 10% x number of weeks)

Alpha User Bonus

Additional 10,000 points

Referral Points

Referrer earns 10% of the points earned by the referee



@0xHashstack - AIRDROP Hashstack V1 Users

Total Weeks - 8

Epoch - 2 week period

Reward - 0.5% of the $HASH token supply

0.4% of the $HASH with an emission rate of 0.1% every 2 weeks

6 random snapshots during an epoch

An additional 0.1% to reward three key TVL milestones


Single Market Point Calculation

Supply/Borrow (< $1000)

1 point per $

Supply (≥ $1000)

1.5 points per $

Borrow (≥ $1000)

2 points per $


0.2 points per $ supplied/borrowed by the referee (for V1OG)

0.1/0.2 points per $ (regular user)



@StarkDefi - ReGenesis CoreDrop

ReGenesis is StarkDeFi’s incentive program

Runs until the reveal of StarkPad, the launchpad for the Starknet ecosystem

Users earn points and level up to reach four different cores

Cores - Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary


- Swap Points

Points = Swap Volume x LP Multiplier

LP Multiplier - Depends on the amount of Liquidity

- Liquidity Points

1.5 points per $ daily

Total Points = (Volume * LP Multiplier) + LP Point



Earn 10% of your referee's swap points



@avnu_fi - Scoring System

- Points for every Transaction (based on the USD value)

- More Points for more Trades (consistency multiplier)


10% share of the points generated by each referee



@EkuboProtocol - Leaderboard

Depends on

- Fees earned by a position

- Withdrawal protocol fees paid

- 2k base points for each position minted

Pool fee adjustment factor

To avoid users gaming it, the adjustment factor reduces the amount of points earned based on pool fee


Points Multiplier

As of now, any new position opened before 31 Jan will have a multiplier of 1.4981506092633364


20% share of the points generated by each referee



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