“The good thing about the last few years of focus on superfans [in the music industry] is that there’s been a collective realization that there are alternatives. There’s never been a cookie-cutter way to build a career as an artist. The benefit of focusing on community is that, from the beginning, it compels you to think about what you really care about as an artist, and about what kind of message and culture you want to communicate through your music. Then you build something based on that that doesn’t automatically go for maximum scale as the default. In fact, maximum scale will often deteriorate the mission or goal of community-buildingCherie HU in an interview with Amber Atherton during the Watercooler, may 2023, Water & Music.

Fan-Driven Model

Expanding on Hu's insights, let's explore the burgeoning idea that's shaking the foundations of traditional music industry models. The paradigm is shifting - from artists shouldering the burden of production and promotion to a more collaborative, fan-driven model. This isn't about dictating art; it's about co-creating and sharing responsibilities.

We know WEB3

Imagine a microcosm where artists are invited to engage with a community well-versed in WEB3, NFTs, and blockchain technology. Here, fans and collectors aren't just passive consumers but active participants in managing music, organizing concerts, and even fundraising for projects like vinyl releases. It's a space where artists can truly focus on their craft, liberated from the relentless grind of social media content creation and the pressures of commercialization.

Unleash creativity

But what does this mean for the artistic quality of music? When artists are unburdened by the fear of 'creative neutering' at the hands of greedy labels and ruthless algorithms, their true potential can be unleashed. We could witness a surge in creativity, with artists exploring new realms of expression, fueled by the support and understanding of their community.

To be an artist, it means something!

I am not an artist, but I am well versed in the music industry. I see a stark contrast between the music generated by AI and the soulful creations of human artists. While AI enables everyone to dabble in music creation, it lacks the ability to infuse a piece with the 'spirit of life' that human artists so uniquely possess. The difference lies not just in technical skill but in the artist's ability to blend experience, craftsmanship, and a unique set of traits to bring their visions to life.

Let's talk about it? Let's do something!

This conversation isn't just about reimagining how music is produced and distributed; it's about redefining our relationship with art and artists. It's an invitation to fans and enthusiasts to share their thoughts, particularly on developing a token economy for such a community. After years of contemplation and gathering ideas, I am eager to engage with fellow thinkers. How can we collectively build an ecosystem that nurtures both the artist and the art? Your insights are not just welcomed; they are essential to this harmonious symphony we aspire to create. Let's embark on this journey together, reshaping the music industry into a community where every note resonates with collaboration, creativity, and shared passion.