How To Structure the Future of Lens

Luckily, Lens doesn't need a token to have governance. If there was a desire to implement a one individual one vote, it could be possible if we use account profile NFTs. Some people may have multiple NFTs but most, I imagine have just one.

These NFTs could be staked to different applications, such as Buttrfly, Hey, & Orb, where people could delegate their vote to these platforms. Within each application, voting could happen by each Profile NFT.

Should an application have 5% of the Profile NFTs staked participate in a vote that is 50% or greater in favor of the motion, the application would then vote the totality of that 5% toward the affirmation.

Users should be able to unstake their Profile NFT before or after a vote and move it to a different application if they like. I am biased to decentralized loci of democracy as a US Citizen, but I am sure there are many other ways to do it. I just wanted to get my thoughts out of my head.