Hansel and Gretel times

We are living in a very difficult time right now. Music has become devalued. Like Hansel and Gretel, artists have been fattened on sweet lies for more than a decade, lured by greedy streaming platforms.

And as they became more and more vocal in their demands, there was no longer any need for them. Because the technological baba-yagas were already using AI.

'Old-fashioned' vinyl collectors

It turns out that the 'old-fashioned' vinyl collectors may be able to help save the music and the artists.

Vinyl collectors are a bit of a weird bunch, with some strange habits. Who carries around heavy LPs and buys very expensive audio equipment these days, in the age of convenient smartphone apps? And yet! More and more people are realising the magical power of this medium!

This is not the first time that record owners have saved humanity's musical heritage. Collecting records is the archiving of our musical culture (and not just the musical culture - let's not forget the covers).

Don't forget about Torrent

Yes, it's true that collectors are old-fashioned, don't like even the word 'digital' and when they hear about NFT collecting they shrug their shoulders without understanding. (They've forgotten that they used to collect illegal mp3s downloaded from torrents). But if we start talking to them together about the mission to save music, to save the world we all love and enjoy, then in time we can start a global movement - we will change the hopeless situation that artists, and indirectly we and collectors, find ourselves in today!

NFT = Virtual Vinyl

Vinyl collectors are not afraid of financial commitment, they have been doing it for years, they don't yet understand that NFT is such a "virtual vinyl", that the WEB3 community is what will allow them to build their collections, as well as their position in this community and at the end monetisation.

Collecting vinyl and nft in WEB3 opens up a whole new range of possibilities for all of us who love music and collecting! Which ones? That's up to us!

t/Vinyl - because we care about music

t/Vinyl is for all those who want to redefine the world of music based on a combination of the old and the new!

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Greetings from Poland

Tomasz "Pan Winyl" Olszewski

Founder of t/Vinyl

ps. Pan Winyl = Mr. Vinyl