Many people wonder what archaic vinyl has to do with modern technologies such as blockchain?

Digital Vinyl = Phygital


When I started in the crypto world 3 years ago, I read an article where someone compared NFT to vinyl. And being Pan Winyl (Mr Vinyl), I was immediately interested.

I started to think about how the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DAOs could change the world of music.

From Fanclub to DAO

Of course, the possibilities are huge: artist fan clubs could easily be DAOs, where either a cryptocurrency issued by the artist or the DAO itself could be the application, and the art could be enshrined in NFTs. It all makes sense.

New technologies, old vinyl

What is missing in all of this, however, is the most important thing - the real, live product that the fans love. Vinyl is triumphant, it has beaten CDs and cassettes to the punch. In spite of huge technological advances, it is still encoded in the minds of music consumers as the ideal medium for music. Its value and uniqueness are appreciated by successive generations.


The emergence of the term PHYGITAL - a combination of the physical and the digital - has finally defined what has been on my mind all along (it's a shame I didn't come up with it). But the combination of vinyl and NFT offers possibilities that are unimaginable today. I'll write about that some other day.

Dagadana 'Meridian 68' case study

Together with my company, POLVINYL RECORDS, and the DAGDANA Team, we went on to make this happen. Meridian 68" was produced on GOLDENBLACK VINYL and GOLDENBLACK DIGITAL VINYL.

Dagadana: from left Bartek Nazaruk, Dana Vynnycka, Daga Gregorovicz, Mikołaj Po

The first version was a vinyl record with an NFT Digital Authenticity Certificate, limited to 100 copies (sold out). The second version was the digital equivalent of the first.

What is the difference between Digital Vinyl and Digital Press (e.g. Serenade)? The main difference is that Digital Vinyl is an image of the sound taken directly from the DMM master from which the vinyl was created. It's not just a digital file, it's a file that represents the sound of a vinyl record before it was encapsulated in the PVC body of the record.

Watch Video

See how the DMM matrix for the audiophile release of Dagadan's GOLDENBLACK VINYL "Meridian 68" was created in the famous Pauler Acoustics studio.In the video you can also see how we create "digital vinyl" from directly from the DMM master!

Gunter Pauler (mastering nad cutting master) and me in Pauler Acoustics place, Northaim, Germany.

Who is our Community for?

Our society is where people who understand this come together. To save the world of music, the world of our passion, we must unite as fans and collectors. Many artists today (especially in Poland ) are afraid of technological innovation, they don't want to hear about it, they are tired and discouraged, we as fans and collectors who understand blockchain and WEB3 can prepare a virtual stage for them to perform, invite them and reward them properly.


ps. there will be a dedicated territory on later this week (t/Vinyl) - I'm very proud that the T2 team thought it was worth going in this direction. Thank you