The Significance of Virtual Values

Do virtual assets really have value, or does the fact that someone creates content online have value? I spent more than 15 years working on Facebook, building an engaged community, yet I barely sold 1,000 of my books. All it takes is one corporate 'sale campain' and what we've built up over the years is instantly stolen.

Maybe it's my fault, maybe I don't understand how to build loyalty.

The Challenge of Authenticity vs. Marketing

I give without expectation of anything in return. But it seems that with sincerity and persistence, without persuasion, I won't be able to win against the more aggressive companies?

Unrewarded Work and Its Value

My dedicated, sincere, and quality work is not rewarded. If I had to define the value of what I do, I would say it's none, as it doesn't generate any profit for me. People might like me and my work, think I do great things, but just because I do something doesn't mean someone wants to pay for it, especially when they don't have to.

The Business Model in the Digital Age

We have a model where the customer doesn't pay for the product; everything is free, and asking for payment for one's work is considered tactless.

WEB3: A New Era or New Disappointment?

WEB3 allows for the monetization of content, but what's the use if no one wants to pay even half a MATIC for it?

Transition from WEB2 to WEB3: Creators' Perspective

I've concluded that WEB3 is filled with disillusioned WEB2 creators. The WEB2 corporations used the creators/artists to build up their dictatorial power, introduced the AI, now they disregard the creators and do not need them any more.

Creative work was the fuel of the streaming platforms, artists were the source of energy for them, feeding the (almost) irreversible changes in the audience. Once they reached critical mass, they switched to the free creative energy of AI, which, paradoxically, is also powered by human creative energy.

The Trap of Digital Comfort

Creators moved to WEB3, which offers incredible possibilities, but the audience remains chained in WEB2 with a $9.99 per month subscription. It's so cheap and convenient that it virtually enslaves these people in a trap, afraid to leave this deadly comfort.

Society in the Grip of AI

I see society as if fattened geese being grazed to the slaughter by the immediate production of content.

Seeming comfort and entertainment will kill them, because life is more than just 'fun' and 'feeling good.'

The Future of Artistic / Creative Value in the Digital World

I have serious doubts about whether we can still assign value to artistic work in the virtual world. I see hope in phygital; it might be very helpful.

Exploring Web3 in My Digital Creativity

As a creator, I wonder what my business and finances would look like if I were able to integrate the mechanisms of the Web3 into my current activities in the Web2 space.

I'm unsure how people are responding to my posts, videos and podcasts that have been online for years.

What pays the bills?

Sometimes I meet people who tell me: 'I did something because of your articles, you've inspired me to do something, you've encouraged me to be a change agent', et cetera.

When you're just starting out, words like that are very motivating, but after 15 years you know that a good word is not going to pay the bills.

I have proof that my work is of benefit to people, but not to myself.

What is wrong?

I wonder if perseverance is the key to success. I also wonder if I can get better results over time by using new technologies such as Web3?


I would be grateful if you would share your concerns with me. What bothers you most about WEB3? What troubles your heart? Let's be honest, because optimism alone won't last for long. We need honesty and to see if it works.