I have read a lot of very interesting articles on T2 in 48 hrs. I have commented on every one. What surprises me is how few of these are getting commented on.

Legalised piracy

I feel that WEB3 is populated by creators who are fed up with WEB2 and it's legalised piracy in all areas of creation.

For fans in WEB2, it's great! In my conversations with people, music fans in WEB2, I often hear that Spotify is very convenient. They don't give a shit about the fact that there's no money in it for the artists they're listening to.

Anyway, today nobody watches directors' films or listens to artists' music. Today we watch Netflix, we listen to Spotify.

Where have the receivers gone?

I have the impression that it is only the artists who have moved to WEB3, but - as I observe it on Sound - it is mostly the artists who buy the songs of other artists (maybe I'm wrong? I wish :) ).

Nowadays I wonder what needs to happen to make the audience/listener/reader move from WEB2 to WEB3. I have the feeling that the subscription model of the streaming platforms has spoiled the audience for many years to come.

Let's keep up the fight!

The fight that we are taking on here is a very difficult one, in fact we are fighting for every single soul. I'm going to keep asking: why should people come here? Even if we make T.P. cryptocurrency one day (I hope for a Lambo in the future :D ), there are a small number of people who will be able to understand and appreciate it.

WEB3 is about responsibility, I don't know if a community that has been demoralised by corporations giving away art for free will be able to take conscious responsibility for their choices as consumers?

Maybe the vast majority of society doesn't care about it and we're just fighting windmills?