Recorded a FIRE show with Justin Robertson for our #Crypto 2024 outlook! But, none of the audio recorded. 😡 Tech issues, but here's a breakdown of what we covered.

1. 2023 Ended up being a great year for crypto and a lot of action happened in Q4. #BTC lead to a rally in both crypto and in equities. We moved from Fear to Greed in indexes, with the BTC #ETF approval odds moving up!

2. Yield curve is once again inverted, but #Crypto and #degens don't care. Also, the Fed has signaled rate cuts, suggesting at #quantitativeeasing (#QE), which may lead to a melt up in 2024. Anywhere from 1 - 7 quarter point cuts expected starting in March '24.

3. #Solana didn't have the biggest pump of all tokens, but made the most headlines, with the #SagaPhone selling out, #BONK Saga airdrop, #SolanaPay action, #Firedancer, #Helium migration, #Mobile phone mining, and not to mention HUGE #Airdrops on #JTO and #Pyth.

4. Staying on #Solana, our decision was split on how high SOL will go, but there's no denying that transaction volume is out of here. #UX of dApps on SOL is just fast and cheap. (I love Poylgon though!)

5. #DePin & #AI has heated up and is not slowing down. #Hivemapper, #DIMO, and #RenderToken have had great gains. But there are sleepers like #Nosana, #LavitaAI, and others.

6. #CZ and #SBF got charged. Next.

7. 2024 prediction - #BTC#ETF gets approved at some point. There are #Bitwise#Bitcoin commercials, many meetings between SEC and fund managers, #DTCC listings, and I mean c'mon, #Blackrock has 99% approval odds of ETFs.

8. Retail just isn't here yet in droves. Maybe they are still hurt from last cycle. Some are starting to come, but unfortunately, we seen this picture before. They will buy at tops and sell at lows. #Google Trends crypto searches chart.

9. #Airdrops on top of airdrops in 2023, continuing into 2024. Will this continue with or without regulation? We will see, but for now... "Yeaaa Baby!"

10. SO MUCH Alpha was dropped by Justin, but some suggestions were to:

Look at funds moving through #Wormhole Bridge

-Sol #DeFi#TVL is just getting started

-#Stake#TIA and other #Atom ecosystem tokens for airdrops

-#L1 narratives incoming - Possibly #SEI & #SUI

11. Don't stick to an investment thesis or strategy if the market is telling you otherwise. Confirmation bias is a killer of making money. The trend is your friend. You have to know when to go from bull to bear and vice versa.

12. Lastly, we are just 2 dudes who love #blockchain on the internet. Do your own research, proceed with caution, and know that you could lose everything invested in crypto. But if you found this helpful, be sure to follow Justin and I for more valuable content.