Why today, like never before, vinyl matters to artists, to fans and to labels.

A vinyl record is not just a medium for music, it is a complete work of art, providing exceptional sound quality.

How much have you spent on your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Why?

I have spent as much or more on Hi-Fi equipment. Why? Because music, is an art that requires the right equipment to hear it. One does not know value of music who has not heard at least once what a well realised vinyl record sounds like on good quality audio equipment.

Vinyl is a unique medium for music, it also contains graphics and lyrics, and this allows you to focus on this work of art and experience it. Taking a vinyl cover in your hands you are not able to scorll your socials same time.

Artists should very seriously consider pressing a vinyl containing their music. It's not as expensive as you might think.

Vinyl records are making the most money for artists at the moment.

And for fans/collectors, vinyl is an artefact, it's a beautiful work of art that tells several stories at once:

  • the story of the recording: who wrote the music, who wrote the lyrics, who produced where, who is responsible for mastering, etc.
  • the story of the physical object: who designed the cover, what paper it is printed on, where and on what material the vinyl was pressed, etc.
  • the history of the individual item you have in your collection: where it was bought, from whom, when, etc.
  • the history of the fan/collector with the medium and with the music: the whole spectrum of events and emotions associated with vinyl and music.

Vinyl is a remarkable phenomenon, still underestimated in WEB3 as an alternative extention to NFT: phygital - it is the culmination of what Thomas Alva Edison pioneered 100 years ago!

Why do we need Vinyl Territory?

Because it is such a complex case. It's a topic for ongoing study - both the historical background: how artists were rendered irrelevant and music was made a free product, and the development: how to use our knowledge and abilities, to build a community of fans/artists/publishers/professionals for the overall benefit of every person in the equation.