🔗 The second week of Aptos Quests at Galxe

You need to complete 6 tasks from the list and fill out the form. In the Aptos discord, they said that you can skip the task from Aries Market, i.e. you do not need to do it. Also, the administrators of the Aptos discord added that the amount of money does not matter. So you can do it for any amount

• Making an APT swap on lzUSDC on Pancakeswap (https://aptos.pancakeswap .finance/swap) (minimum $2.3)

• Switch to Thala (https://app.thala .fi/swap) swap lzUSDC to MOD and pour part of MOD (0.1 $) into Thala Stability Pool (https://app.thala .fi/stability)

• Swap (https://app.thala .fi/swap?coinIn=0x6f986d146e4a90b828d8c12c14b6f4e003fdff11a8eecceceb63744363eaac01%3A%3Amod_coin%3A%3AMOD&coinOut=0xf22bede237a07e121b56d91a491eb7bcdfd1f5907926a9e58338f964a01b17fa%3A%3Aasset%3A%3AUSDC) MOD back to lzUSDC

• Let's go (https://liquidswap.com /#/) and make any swap in a pair where there is liquidity

• Go to Merkle Trade (https://app.merkle.trade/trade/APT_USD ) we open a position at $ 2 lzUSDC with a leverage of 150. Closing the position

• Go to Amnis. (https://stake.amnis.finance/) Enter the desired number of APT (minimum 0.2) and click "Mint and Stake". Next, Unstake (https://stake.amnis .finance/stake?q=unstake) - max - Unstake - signed

• Switching to Sushiswap (https://aptos.sushi.com/swap ) and change lzUSDC back to APT

• Fill out the form. (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqJ85C1YS_wQjKJjtavmit9v4pEtexgKblbwc-2M6q5IwCxg/viewform ) we wait a few days and pick up the OAT

• Taking OAT to Galxe (https://galxe.com/aptos/campaign/GCkW6ttax8 )

Deadline: January 1st