The band 馃幎 Black Pudding 馃幎, are 5 guys from Zielona G贸ra, Poland who played hard rock in the 90s in the style of Dog Eat Dog or Rage Against The Machine!

They weren't very original, but on the recording you can hear with what love they did their music. The band has been gone for many years, and today WEB3 comes to our rescue. We can realize this material that has been lying in the depths of hard drives for almost 30 years.

Today, these five guys are approaching 50, but we can still bring them some joy!

Tomorrow on Sound you will be able to purchase the first single 'WHO MADE WHO' from the album 'DONG'. (I will reward every Limited Edition purchase with my 馃敐 10 WINYL TOKENS)

The context is very important: the mid 90s in Poland, the beginning of Polish democracy, after more than 40 years of Soviet rule in Poland, we finally have a democratic government, we have passports and open borders. Finally, music from all over the world is coming to us legally. Some young people love Oasis and Nirvana, and some loved Biohazard, Pantera, Dog Eat Dog and Clawfinger (also RATM, of course). Black Pudding obviously belonged to the second group!


Black Pudding was our, Poland's, answer to this musical trend! The recording is from the mid-90s, the sound may leave you a little unsatisfied, but feel that energy, those young people who can finally say what they think, without fear of a repressive government!

Enjoy it! 馃檶馃檶馃檶