In the labyrinth of my mind, a maze intricate,
A realm where shadows dance, a realm so elusive,
A place of wonders, yet a prison unescapable,
Where thoughts and feelings intertwine, persistently abusive.

A symphony of thoughts, a cacophony of voices,
Echoes of the past, whispers of the future,
A kaleidoscope of emotions, a prism of choices,
Where chaos reigns supreme, and order is but a fable,
a shattered utopia.

But within this labyrinth, a specter lurks unseen,
An impostor, cunning, elusive, ever uninvited,
It whispers in my ear, "You're not enough," a mantra mean,
A lie that I believe, a poison that I've imbibed.

The impostor syndrome, a complex maze untold,
Where perfection is the goal, and failure is a sin,
A web of self-doubt, a shroud of guilt, an endless roll,
A mask of confidence, beneath which hides a quivering chin.

It tells me that I'm not smart enough, nor talented enough,
That my accomplishments were fluke, a matter of chance,
It feeds on my insecurities, it thrives on my pain,
A parasite that feeds, a cancer that remains.

But in this maze of the mind, there is a glimmer of hope,
A beacon of light, a spark of resilience, an ember that won't fade,
I must challenge the impostor, confront it with a rope,
And bind its lies, expose its deceit, and make it afraid.

For in this labyrinth of my mind, I am the master,
The architect of my thoughts, the captain of my ship,
I will not let the impostor define me as a disaster,

But instead,
I'll embrace my flaws,
learn from my mistakes and live...

"It had to be luck... it just had to be. There's no way I'm smart enough to accept this new job offer, I am not qualified to take on this new client, etc., etc." — By recognizing that our own thoughts and perceptions shape the world around us, we can break free from the self-imposed narrative of defeat. The power of our beliefs about ourselves can have profound impact on our lives, influencing not only our own actions, but also how others perceive us.
Benjamin Metcalfe (2024), Unpublished Work