I have been reading about points and rewards for some time. Technology has created new opportunities, but they are difficult to explain. Why is that? Perhaps because the creators of technology are solving problems of their own making that would not exist without technology?

Why points and rewards?

Imagine a group of people in the real world who collect vinyl records. They meet and give themselves points for meeting, they give themselves rewards for coming to the meeting. They give each other rewards for talking more about vinyl than the others.

Virtual communities that are constituted by technology itself have been created through technology or by technology. I wonder if that is why it is so hard to understand. Does my 'vinyl collectors' club' need technology? Sure it does, for example the Record Scanner app, which allows you to easily rate, price and catalogue vinyl by cover. But do I need a social web3 application to keep our club alive? No more than the already familiar WEB2 ones.

Points and rewards, I understand today more as using the FOMO, the dirty game of WEB2, to attract people to the app. My concern is that the possibility of receiving a reward for participating and contributing to the creation of an app creates a new user who will not always sincerely participate in the creation and community.

I feel that technology serves itself. Its solutions fit the problems it creates for itself. For existing communities, it creates barriers that are difficult to overcome. At least this is the case at the end of 2023.