In recent years, scientists in many parts of the world have pooled their money, time and efforts to research the space. They launch the satellites, establish the space stations, and even walk on the moon. Space may hold wonders and mysteries of how the universe comes into being, or whether there is life on other planets besides Earth.

  Space exploration is of great significance. First of all, through space exploration, we human being may uncover the unknown resources of the universe. It endows us with knowledge about the origin of life, with which we learn the dangers and make adventures in science and technology. Secondly, space exploration also provides a platform for nations to cooperate through participation in joint breakthrough. Finally, the space technology plays an indispensable role in our daily life, such as communication and transportation technology.

  In the near future, more nations will get involved in the cause of space exploration. Some questions having intrigued human throughout the centuries are in the list of solution.