1. Lucky people are more open and alert.

2. Lucky people have a higher level of expertise in capturing luck;

3, lucky people are good at following the trend, a good luck followed by one A good luck;

4, lucky people know that luck needs to be fed, irrigated, like a system Unity generally needs to be constructed and operated, but also needs to continue to do work.

The richer and the elite, the more likely they are to adopt complementary forms of entertainment Ways, such as working out, running, reading.

And the poorer the lower class, the more they prefer to use the consumptive type

Entertainment: such as playing cards, playing games, watching TV series.

The simplest example is that the person who wins the lottery is said to have outcome one It's usually not good, because it gets squandered.

This is good luck, but without a good luck system, it is impossible to catch and digest, let alone form a good luck entropy reduction system, and continue to do work.