1, water release is eternal

In today's world, is it possible not to overissue money and not to release water to stimulate the economy? Russia-Ukraine war, China's economic problems, the yen exchange rate off track, even if people in the United States want high welfare, Biden does not super-issuance of currency estimates that the position is not stable. So overissuance is the main theme, water is eternal.

2, bitcoin's stored value characteristics

When it comes to the essence of things, bitcoin is currently known to everyone as the rich man's game, even in the coin circle, there are very few people who own bitcoins. Most people are cottaging on to the hyena, in the vain hope of getting rich overnight. So those who really hold more than 10 bitcoins are already in the phoenix.

ps: Buying cottage dogs is essentially the same as buying stocks, it's all about buying low and selling high in order to make money.

Do not buy bitcoin is also to make money?

In fact, this is only the second element, why so many bitcoin address so many years can not move? The purchase of bitcoins is a game for the rich, they do not buy bitcoins to increase their value, their purpose is: to preserve and pass on.

3, The Russia-Ukraine War Has Huge Implications

The Russia-Ukraine war was not long ago. But the changes in the landscape and the impact that the Russia-Ukraine War will bring about worldwide are huge.

Russia-Ukraine war will completely change people's concept of wealth, especially the world's top mega-rich, especially in China and Russia's rich, Russia is facing the United States and Europe's sanctions, China is stupid to be kidnapped.

Especially the day before yesterday, Xi and popularity of the call, expressed the meaning of simply stupid.

4, Ideological disputes

Ideologically, China's move towards a more obvious "socialist path" or even abandonment of some of the successes of reform and opening up and backtracking will make the Western world wary of China, even to the point of economic sanctions.

5, Conclusion

The eternal nature of water releases, the stored value nature of Bitcoin, wars and ideological disputes will take the world to a different track, where the rich and the middle class will gradually wake up and start to re-examine their asset ratios and how exactly they can make themselves better protected from the intrusion of their private property.

After everyone starts to think carefully about this issue, they will collectively turn their attention to one place, and that is only: