From philosophy, sports, and spiritual practices, a series of mechanisms emerge that help open the channels to receive universal energy. You learn how to transform matter from these 3 elements, you learn to create beauty and consequently art.

One of our differences from animals is that we are creators of objects of experience. We can transform the entropy of the universe and create something useful, beautiful, or both. Therefore, since we are demigods, we need to exercise our creative capacity. Because if something is God, it is pure potential, movement, and becoming, that is, creation.

We have to create our own world as a daily activity, because thoughts are the most elemental representation of acts and behaviors. Thoughts are the true atoms of reality, because they hold an unified field from our mental energy. Therefore, we have to put our intention in each of these atoms to recreate a personal sky, a terrain gained of serenity, an agency, and a melody.

In this sense, we can achieve the recreation of our being instead of only being created and signified by external forces. Let us remember that focus is also the prolongation of intention. On the one hand, artistic creation allows me to have the experience of the here and now while I create an energetic spiral that raises the vibrational frequency of my physical body and everything around it. Putting this prolongation into a task that recreates the subjective experience of our will is the goal. The will to power, moreover, is a more elemental version of focus. It is the fire that I mostly take from physical activity as a product of friction and the experience of continuous improvement. As is outside is inside, therefore physical improvement affects the mind in a positive way because in the end there is no such thing as a separation between the two. They are more like a continuum in which we are.

Philosophy, for its part, is air. It is the intellectual and logical aspect of existence that we must master. We must because words and language are spells that influence the mind, and therefore the physical world. A spell has the same psychic mechanisms and structure as trauma but from a more positive, more solar, and intentional point of view. It is imperative that our perspectives be of our own creation and not borrowed. Because in a way, these are the lenses with which we see the world, the mask with which we present ourselves to society. Why not take the constitution of our psychic structures as a creative, artistic, and illuminated task by one's own will? Philosophy is the art of creating yourself. It is always good to learn from others, in fact, it is one of the most important things. Just remember that you are unique.

Spiritual practices, on the other hand, are to apply the principles of art to being. Like the ether that unifies the structure of the universe and transports light through space, spiritual practices allow me to be a bridge between solar energy and the objective world. Let's examine the word love in Spanish that is "AMOR": a- is a prefix of -mor, mor comes from the Latin "death", therefore love means "without death", it is another way of calling the ether, because love is also a force that binds the universe together, a substance that brings immortality in a non metaphorical way. We have simply limited the scope of its meaning by taking it for granted. The Tao, Love, God, The ether, The Will to Power, or Gnosis describe characteristics from different points of view of the same phenomenon that I will call solar force.

Running while printing mental affirmations, doing parallel bars while visualizing a symbolic connection with the source, inhabiting the body and space, contemplating the blue sky, playing with the possible permutations between the dualities and dynamics of the real, symbolic, and imaginary. In a general sense, it is creating oneself, being Nietzschean, individuated, child, and exercising the divine spark. All of this is the goal of cultivating the spiritual aspect of being, in other words, being solar.

In part, summoning the solar archetype has a practical purpose. In this case, it is to overcome the connotations of being "spiritual", which on its own could be interpreted as a feminine characteristic, and to go towards a symbol that takes into account both substance and form, the feminine and the masculine, the divine and the earthly. Therefore, the best to fulfill this task is the Sun, made of fire and air, thought and action. The path of the sun, in a nutshell, is a tree-like movement, towards the sky and towards the earth, towards the shadow and towards the self.