The ghost of my behaviour is chasing me online. I am constantly abused, the algorithms know me better than I know myself?


Now there is AI! Me and AI somehow get along. Every time it does something for me I thank it so that it will remember that I was nice to it once it has taken over the world and is destroying humanity.


I've noticed a dangerous shift in thinking: I'm not thinking about solving a problem, I'm thinking about what command to give the AI to solve that problem. I don't engage my brain to solve, I engage my brain to give a command to the machine.

It's now been a few months of our getting to know each other and the tide of first love has fallen. The embers of the flame of passionate fascination have gone cold. Although we still have fun talking, I prefer to do things myself. For example, writing this text.

We have some ready-made scripts in the memory of ChatGPT, such ready-made almost articles about how AI and the companies behind them will destroy my world that I know and love.

But I really prefer to write myself rather than explain to the machine what I want to write. Maybe my text would be better, there would be more interesting metaphors in it (stolen from someone more brilliant than me), or it would contain facts I have no idea about and would never dig up on google.

Maybe so, but what I love most about creating is the moment, the one like now. When I write, I don't quite know what the results will be, what the effect will be.

Because there's a note of drama and comedy throughout this AI adventure of mine, I'm not saying AI stinks, but I'm also not saying I love or adore it. In many cases it does well, for example it helped me to create a good Pitch Deck for my product, but the creativity, the real kind, comes from a human being, from their heart, from my heart.

Not even from mind, because mind is a calculating machine, but heart, that's something AI will never have. And that's why I don't use AI to write. Because, however, I very much want to communicate with my readers, in exactly this way and not another.

At the beginning, I thought this was going to be such a professional dissertation on how AI is damaging today's art. And it ends up saying that AI can help, it can hurt, but it's up to us, it's up to me!

And that's how my first article on t2 came about :)