$TAIKO Token Confirmed πŸ’Ž

@taikoxyz announced their intention to introduce the Taiko Token (TKO) to incentivize block verifiers

TKO will be a governance and commission token

In this thread, let us learn what TAIKO is and how we can engage with the Testnet



Introducing $TAIKO

An Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup

Mirrors Ethereum's structure closely, technically and conceptually

Scales Ethereum by replicating all EVM opcodes in a decentralized, permissionless, and secure L2 framework


Intriguing Insights

Founded by Daniel Wang of @loopringorg fame

Secured $22 million across 2 rounds (Sequoia China, IOSG Ventures, GSR, GGV Capital & others)

Developing full Eth ZK-EVM circuits, in collab with the Eth Foundation's Privacy & Scaling Explorations (PSE) team


Interaction Guide

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Add Sepolia and Jolnir Network to your wallet


Step 2: Receive Tokens

Add Sepolia ETH and Taiko testnet tokens



Step 3: Bridge Tokens


Go to Faucet

Mint HORSE tokens on Sepolia

Bridge ETH from Sepolia to Jolnir and back

Next, bridge $HORSE from Sepolia to Jolnir


Once you're done Bridging

Check txn completion on Explorer

Go to the Transactions tab

Claim your tokens


Step 4: Swap Tokens


- Make some swaps

- Head to Pools & Choose Tokens

- Add liquidity


Step 5: NFTs


- Connect Walle

- Choose Collection

- Mint NFT/s


Step 6: Deploy a contract

This one is for all the technical chads out there, if you've got the experience/knowledge

Check out the steps in the guide linked below



Step 7: Complete Quests/Campaigns


2 active quests

Trust Bonus (Prove your humanity & claim 2500 points)

Experience Taiko (Create a Wallet, Mint a Domain, & Take a Quiz)


More on the newly launched task

Complete the following for loyalty points:

Develop an account abstraction-powered wallet using @ParticleNtwrk

Mint a .taiko domain through @dottaikodomains

Engage by reading recent articles & participating in a quiz

Complete Twitter tasks



Got you covered for it

Quiz 1 Based - Rollup FAQ

Answers B, C, C, C, A

Quiz 2 Based - Booster Rollup (BBR)

Answers C, C, C, C


Join Discord in case of any queries

Bonus - Embrace active participation!

Your commitment may pave the way for future opportunities and roles



Following the above steps enhances your prospects of potentially receiving a TKO airdrop

Stay tuned for more updates and follow @Galxe closely for more tasks

Happy Farming!

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