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  • βœπŸ“š
  • Lens Wallet πŸ‘›
  • Decoding Web3 Points 🎲
  • Trusted Talent #12 - Xmas Edition πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸ€Ά
  • Curated Collects 🎨⚽
  • Beer Taste - Christmas Ale 🍻

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A New Chapter in Reading & Writing βœπŸ“š

In the evolving ecosystem of Lens Protocol, a groundbreaking addition has emergedβ€”, a hub that aims to redefine social interaction through the power of reading and writing

What's New?😲

The t2 x Lens collaboration invites users to activate their t2 accounts using their Lens/@handle. A simple three-step process syncs the t2 profile with Lens, qualifies users through mirrored posts on Lens, and activates accounts with a quick email submission. This streamlined onboarding sets the stage for an exciting journey into the world of t2.

What's the Backstory?🀨

At t2 (timeΒ²), the mission is to construct a transparent, decentralised, and collaborative social network that revolves around the act of reading and writing. The platform captures the time users spend reading to cultivate meaningful content, align incentives, and empower content-driven communities. Built on the pillars of truth, creativity, and knowledge, t2 embraces humane curation by real people, removing manipulative algorithms from the equation.

Why It Matters?😊

T2 believes in the value our attention brings to our lives, the power of humane curation to eliminate manipulative algorithms, the promise of a social network that truly values its users, and the recognition of contributions with aligned incentives and fair rewards.

In essence, t2 breaks the boundaries between readers and writers through socialisation and open collaboration. By creating a network of shared knowledge and collective creativity, t2 strives to make information more accessible and network content more relevant, creating value born out of our shared encounters.

As t2 unfolds its decentralised cultural clubs, offering common ground for content communities to form and grow, brings the ownership of content to its users 🀝

The introduction of Time Points (t.p.) further incentivises meaningful interactions between readers and writers, creating a dynamic ecosystem where attention is rewarded rather than held hostage.

Intrigued? Start accumulating your t.p. today and embark on a new era of socializing through reading and writing with πŸ“š


Lens Wallet: Your Web3 MatryoshkaπŸ‘›

Ever wished your wallet had superpowers? Here's Lens Walletβ€”the Web3 wizard powered by ERC-6551. It's not just a wallet; it's your onchain playground, offering a nesting experience akin to Matryoshka dolls!

Unlock the Nesting Magic 🎁

Lens Wallet goes beyond the ordinary. Thanks to ERC-6551, your NFT becomes the star, controlling a Token Bound Account (TBA). Picture it like nesting dolls; each TBA holds the potential for endless nesting, giving you layers of on-chain identities.

Meet Token Bound Accounts (TBA) πŸ‘›

In the spotlight: Token Bound Accounts! They're not your run-of-the-mill wallets; they're NFT-controlled, giving your assets a unique on-chain identity. It's your NFT's time to shine!

Simple Moves, Big Impact πŸš€

Sending and receiving assets? Child's play for Lens Wallet. From ERC-20 to ERC-721, Lens Wallet handles it all. Feeling adventurous? Nest TBAs inside each other – the more, the better!

Top Features at a Glance:

1. NFT-Powered Wallets: Your NFT takes the lead. POAPs, asset management, and dapp adventures – all in one NFT-powered hub.

2. Nesting Wonderland: Like Matryoshka dolls, Lens Wallet's TBAs nest within each other. Your NFT's journey is a voyage of endless possibilities.

3. Messaging Magic: Chat with Web3 Profiles, NFTs, and wallet addresses. Connect, chat, and vibe with your digital tribe.

4. Lens Protocol Radar: Stay ahead of the game with Lens Protocol trends. Explore Web3 Profiles and immerse yourself in the vibrant community.

5. Portfolio Adventure: Track your holdings, unveil others' moves, and explore the wonders of Token Bound Accounts.

6. Wallet Whiz: Effortlessly browse dapps. Bookmark your favorites right in Lens Wallet.

Interesting, ain't it? And guess... The Bros were among the first to setup a Lens Wallet πŸš€ Wanna give it a go? Check here πŸ‘€


Decoding Web3 Points: Onchain Incentives? 🎲

There's a buzz around the introduction of points on Lens Protocol and other onchain apps, with various opinions surfacing.

Some see points as a way to manage user relationships and incentivise desired actions, while others express skepticism, questioning the compatibility of points with the essence of Web3.

What's up?

Several Lens team members, including Bradley Freeman, share diverse perspectives on points. Bradley emphasizes that points are not akin to speculative assets like stocks but serve as tools for user engagement. Additionally, JamFrens and have already implemented points, each offering unique ways to earn and utilise them. Not to mention Phaver, that were ages ahead on this matter!

Why should you care?

Points raise debates about their utility and potential risks in onchain ecosystems. While they offer incentives for user engagement and contribution, some argue that points, along with KYC requirements, deviate from the decentralised principles of Web3. It's crucial to explore how points align with the ethos of blockchain and whether they enhance or compromise user experiences.

So, now what?

Nothing so far πŸ˜‚ But.....The discussion around points in onchain apps is on fire, reflecting the engagement nature of decentralised platforms. As Lens Protocol and other projects may experiment with this feature, it's an opportunity for users to share their views.

What do you think about points in Web3? Share your opinions around the fireplace πŸ”₯

Btw, this meme from our Bro Brian J. Sanlon pictures this article perfefctly πŸ˜‚


Trusted Talent #12 - Xmas Edition πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸ€Ά

Quick Reminder!

As the holidays approach, our Trusted Talent Xmas Edition is still in full swing πŸŽ„

Share your festive posts in the commentsβ€”music, photos, art, or AI creations, we want it all!

The winner, chosen by Bro Claus πŸŽ…πŸ½, will unwrap 5 WMatic! 🎁 Don’t miss the chance to shine this season.

Support our red-suited old man by collecting our post for 0.25 WMatic 🎁

Let the Xmas creativity flow! It's up until December 22 πŸ‘‡


Curated Collects - Cameturtle ⚽🎨

What a great finding! Football fans, listen up πŸ“£

Have you checked @lens/cameturtle for the coolest football match announcements with a twist of art? And here's the kicker – you get the match odds too! πŸ€‘

But there's more to Cameturtle than just football. They're a LENSusiast, time traveler, and lover of languages (Japanese, English, Esperanto, and Indonesian) 🌐 That's what we call an all-round person, right?

Curious? Correct that now: Connect with Cameturtle and dive into a world where football meets art and more 🎨

Here's their latest post:


Beer Taste: St. Bernardus Christmas Ale 🍺

Sip into the festive spirit with St. Bernardus Christmas Ale, a Belgian delight loaded with toffee, toasted almonds, dried cherries, and wintry spices. πŸŽ„πŸ»

🎨 Colour: Dark-brown beauty topped with a cream-coloured froth.

🍫 Taste & Aromas: A full, slightly fruity flavour with aniseed notes, creamy caramel, and fire-roasted chestnuts. Ends with a flourish of dried fruits and chocolate.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Culinary Pairing: Perfect with chocolate desserts, game dishes, and Scandinavian delights rich in winter spices. A Christmas Ale for every occasion!

πŸš€ Web3 Dream Job Alert: Just kidding.... but yeah, we get it; landing a Web3 job can be tougher than choosing the perfect Christmas gift. But hey, here's some good news – St. Bernardus is hiring! Explore Opportunities here 😁😁

Cheers Frens and enjoy responsibly. Drink only one beer at a time πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸ€Ά


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