At t2, our mission is to help people spend time on more meaningful interactions.

We've had the privilege to develop t2 with an early community of over 2,000 users since launching the closed alpha version earlier in this year. In the upcoming open beta version of t2, we want to continue stewarding the authenticity of engagement between community members despite anticipated exponential growth.

Effective immediately, the membership cost of the following Territories have increased. Existing memberships are not affected.

  • t/Web3: increased from 5 to 50 t.p.
  • t/TimeSquare: increased from 5 to 50 t.p.
  • t/NeededAdjustments: increased from 5 to 25 t.p.
  • t/OxFounders: increased from 0 to 100 t.p.

We will also be enacting an evolving set of Community Rules & Guidelines that reflects our mission statement. The t2 team will be moderating over the next few months until we can support community moderators. We are also coming to you with some open questions on how to best steward the community experience.

Please use the comments space below to offer your feedback and suggestions.

Community Rules & Guidelines

  • Be respectful, kindness is free.
  • Only post content that is yours. Credit references wherever applicable.
  • Mark sensitive and NSFW content with a tag in the title, e.g. [NSFW]
  • Territories help you reach a relevant audience. Help each other maintain their relevance by publishing content in the most appropriate Territory. When in doubt, just ask :)
  • Give credit where it's due, including the use of AI generated images and AI-assisted writing. Content that is primarily generated by AI do not add value to the community.
  • Low effort content, such as parroted comments, prompts without any context, and Territory posts without relevance, do not add value to the community.

Until we develop more sophisticated solutions, the t2 team will be manually flagging users with repeat violations of the above. Flagged users will have the relevant Territory membership(s) revoked and/or their accounts deactivated.

If you have not opted out of Arweave storage, you can always find your own content on the permanent web regardless of whether you have an active t2 account.

What's Next

Over the coming months, we will continue to improve the above rules and guidelines based on community feedback.

We are also building towards autonomous Territories so that each Territory can govern its own community based on the best interests of its users. You will also soon see better ranking and highlight/curation options for content across t2.

Open Questions

Sometimes, we just don't know what the best decision is for our community! Here are some open questions that we'd love your input on, that could shape the next stage of t2's communities. Join our Discord or comment below to be part of the conversation.

Multilingual Content: We've started seeing non-English content pop up, which is exciting! When you come across content in French, Chinese, or Spanish (to give a few examples), what would you like to happen? Internally, we've discussed options including adding translation tools (with AI), translation communities (with humans, or AI & humans), entirely separated Territories, or language filters within Territories.

The Moderator Role: What kind of powers should moderators have? By whom and how would they be held accountable? How should they be rewarded for their work?

Thoughts on AI: It's highly likely that AI is playing a role in finding the right content for you to consume in at least one of your social media apps. Some writers are already using generative AI for ideating or structuring. What are your preferences when it comes to consuming and creating AI-assisted content?


With love,

Co-founder & COO