Mastering Olive v2: A Testnet Manual

@0xOlive has collaborated with @zetablockchain to bring to you Zeta X Olive Incentivised Testnet

Testing out Olive will enhance your chance of securing not only Olive airdrop but Zeta airdrop in the future

Let’s contribute together ✍️



Olive Finance

- Automates yield conversion into LP tokens

- Optimizes and auto-compounds returns

10x leverage for LP token holders

Leveraged capital sourced from over-collateralized lending vaults

A win-win

Lenders earn passive income while empowering leveraged LP farmers



Step 1 Gearing up to start

Use my code to jump on board

- Click on Connect Wallet

- Enter invite code: LYFmadeEasy

- Verify

- You get 500 Olive drops by simply connecting your wallet


Leveraged Yield Farming (LYF) with Olive

To commence, you need some testnet tokens

Click on Faucet

Mint testnet tokens (I chose Zeta Chains Athens Testnet)


Interact with the Vault

What all can you do?


Deposit into Vault

- Click on Vaults

- Head to the ZLP pool

- Click on Invest

- Enter the amount you wish to deposit

- Select your leverage

- Click on Approve and confirm txn


Withdraw at your convenience

- Click on Withdraw

- Enter the number of otokens you wish to withdraw

- Click Withdraw and confirm txn

PS - no penalties for early withdrawal


Manage your position

- Click on Manage to adjust leverage easily using the drag feature

- Once you've set your preferred leverage hit the Leverage/Deleverage button

- Pay Gas & you're done

PS - A strong health factor is what will save you from Liquidation



- Click on Lend

- Select your pool (I opted for zUSDC)

- Enter the amount you wish to lend (you can see the azUSDC going into the pool)

- Click on approve and confirm txn

Withdrawals are simple

- Just input the desired amount

- Click withdraw and confirm


Olive Drops

A little something something for the users

Exclusive rewards for testnet users who report bugs & interact with the network

Fill in the form for improvements/suggestions + olive drops


Olive has multiple campaigns running on @Galxe

Complete the quests here -

Zeta X Olive Incentivised Testnet

Other ways to engage and Earn

- Hang on Discord

- Contribute on Dework


I've been playing out various Testnets & sometimes it's a nightmare

Olive so far has been pretty smooth for the most part

So I suggest you make the most of it as well

More activity = Greater chance of qualifying

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