I will be sharing my thoughts and research of different narratives & projects in the crypto space.

Nothing you will find here can be considered as a financial advise, everything i post is my personal research and opinions from which i make my own financial decisions.

Keep in mind that whether it is about investing or anything other in your life, you must have a predefined plan !

"In the absence of a captain, a ship roams the seas aimlessly, much like a life without a plan sails through existence—both adrift, destined for endless journeys but never reaching a defined shore."

My strategy is focused on projects with low market capitalisation or ones still in their early stages without a token yet. So keep in mind that this is one of the riskiest bets, but also with the maximum potential ROI.

I will be posting some threads from time to time, so if you are interested in my opinions, give me a follow @kiril

Cheers !