The Meaning of Life

When I am alone, I always think about the meaning of life. What kind of mission do I have when I come to this world? Is it to live a mediocre life, or can I bring some excitement to this world? To be alive is already a fact, and everyone will come to the same end~death. What kind of meaning should we give to life during these decades? Over the past thirty years, I have gradually come to realize some so-called meanings. I dare to challenge new things, constantly enrich myself, and help others as much as possible within my ability. Starting from small things around me, I can influence others and change the small world around me. Many years ago, a French person asked me a question: What is your dream? I said: My dream is that one day when I am capable, I will devote myself wholeheartedly to charity and help those in need. I think this is probably the meaning of my life.