Good morning! Thank you very much for this opportunity. First of all, I would like to briefly introduce mysel.

my name is Asln and I graduated from Hubei University as a major of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 2011. when I was in the University, I started teaching Chinese as a part-time job. I found it very helpful, because I could apply what I had learnt to my part-time work.

After my graduation, I started a job as a teacher of Chinese for international students in a school. one of the most important things I have learnt from my work is the collaboration between teachers and students, because only when students learning and my teaching go in the same direction, can we achieve the utmost effect together. I think I am a trustworthy person and I am proud to say that it has been proved as many of my students enjoy learning with me and share lots of things with me. I think it will bring very good opportunities to communicate with others, for example my colleagues and students-to-be.

As for teaching Chinese, I think it is quite important, because it will lay a solid foundation for mutual communication and understanding. what's more, along with China's development and participation on globalization, more and more people find it useful to learn Chinese as a second language.

I happen to be good at traditional Chinese dances, which I am sure I can make good use of and share my understanding with my students. It will surely help their Chinese study.

Hopefully I have made myself clear to you. Thank you for your listening. And I think I am ready for the next part. Thank you.