This is a post i want to dedicate to my best friend Fernanda...

Maybe if I hadn't met you, I wouldn't recognize this day as one of the most important in my life. If you're wondering what we're celebrating, it's the birthday of this great woman.

When I entered university, I never thought I would meet someone who laughs with the vitality that she does. She is dedicated and quite responsible. With her, the meaning of friendship became clearer and came to life. I understood that in friendship, there must be genuine love that goes beyond oneself, that you can offer without hesitation, and that you feel good when you do. A friend becomes part of your family because she is always there for you. Being from the field of biology, most places invaded by nature remind me of her and how much fun she would have if she were accompanying me at that moment.

In friendship, distance doesn't matter because you can feel her embrace in the darkest moments, tears of sadness aren't so bitter, and you even end up laughing. A true friendship takes you by the hand and invites you to grow in every aspect you are willing to improve.

You admire your best friend, and you can't believe how wonderful she is. Fernanda, in particular, has an enviable creativity in all areas of knowledge she faces. She is a great scientist, and more recently, a talented musician. Yes, she is very sweet, but when it comes to injustices, she is also wrathful. She seeks the truth and is the most sincere person with herself that I have ever known.

On this day, I celebrate your life, your great friendship, and the love you give to everyone and everything around you, I love you best friend!

My best friend and Dr. gecko.