🚨 HOT from the Oven: $ALEO AIRDROP

Raised $298M in funding over 3 rounds

Funded by 19 investors including SamsungNext, Coinbase Ventures, @polychaincap, @a16z & more

Mainnet launch in January 2024

How to interact πŸ‘‡ with @AleoHQ

Step by Step


Aleo Blockchain

A platform to create dApps using zero-knowledge cryptography

Focused on privacy

Initial supply of 1.5 billion Aleo Credits at launch

- Early Backers 35%

- Public Distribution 25%

- Initial contributors (15%)

Steps ⬇️


Wallet Installation

Install Aleo wallet


Create an account

Green-list your wallet address


This has to be done before every faucet request

And it stays active for 5 mins


Get $ALEO Test Tokens

- Discord


Paste your wallet address in the faucet channel with the no of tokens (15 per 24h)

- Wallet

Open your wallet and click on the faucet

Scan the QR

Send SMS

- Manually

SMS on +18678885688

Doesn't work internationally


With that out of the way, let's use the $ALEO test tokens


Visit @IZAR_Protocol


Bridge ETH from GOERLI/SEPOLIA testnets to ALEO

IZAR has its own points program going on atm for bridging πŸͺ‚

So keep bridging!


Test Protocols


Received a grant from Aleo & a partnership with @Aleo_Global

- Click on faucet & claim tokens

- Swap & LP

@Galxe task


@Intract Campaign tasks


Quiz Answer - Hiding the sender's wallet & amount



- Click on faucet & claim tokens

- Bind EVM address

- Swap & LP

- Launch a token

- Get a Domain name

- Create a NFT collection

ALEOSWAP also has its own AleoSwap Credits Program πŸͺ‚

Galxe Quest


5000 OATs FCFS - 1611 claimed so far


Smart Contract Guide

If you want to deploy a contract, there is a tutorial

Courtesy - https://github.com/trusted-point/Node-manuals/tree/main/Testnets/Aleo/Testnet3-phase2

Claim Aleo Leo contributor badge on GitHub - https://ninadrokina.medium.com/tutorial-claim-your-aleo-leo-contributor-badge-on-github-1c9e7d6f1629


Other protocols on @AleoHQ

- @AvailWallet - Launch early next year

- @lets_puzzle - Upcoming Wallet

- @FoxWallet - Wallet

- @aleo_store - NFT Marketplace

- @aleogameshq - Gaming

- @ShadowFi_xyz - DeFi

- @PrivExchange - Orderbook DEX

- @aleo123_io - Block Explorer


- @aleonames - Domain

- @Artgo_AI - DeFi

@MysticProtocol - Infra

- @BlockLit_ - Infra

- @AleoWizards - NFT

- @PunksAleo - NFT

- @AleoMonkeys - NFT

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