With funding of 27M from @blockchain, Human Capital, Vy Capital & others


ZETA is the latest buzz πŸͺ‚πŸͺ‚

@zetablockchain offers blockchain interoperability through its omni-chain capabilities, generic smart contracts & effortless X-chain messaging

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Zeta Overview

EVM-compatible L1 blockchain

- Intends to unleash a new era of connectivity and possibilities in blockchain technology

- Lets you build interoperable dApps spanning multiple chains, including Bitcoin

- Access to all chains seamlessly from a unified platform


Why Participate?

Help us educate ourselves

Future stakeholders in the ecosystem for our participation πŸͺ‚

Might also make us eligible for the πŸͺ‚ of the upcoming projects on ZETA

So, worth participating especially when it's the Testnet


Starter Kit

Acquire test $ZETA

Option 1 - Wallet


Connect Wallet

Verify Twitter

Enter wallet address and Request ZETA

Drips 3 ZETA per request every day


Option 2 - Discord


Request Testnet ZETA

Type Zeta Faucet Drip followed by your wallet address


Accumulate ZETA points (Metric for your testing journey)

ZETA points measure contributions like

- inviting new members

- weekly transactions

- reported bugs

Referral link



Complete Interactions

Quests through @Galxe


Most of the quests have ended except for

Zeta Assimilated 101 & 201

Keep a look out for more quests

Tasks through @zealy_io


Complete the tasks

Accumulate XP and advance your level


Testnet Activities πŸ§ͺ

Interact with the network from a plethora of dApps in the Ecosystem




Add liquidity



Create NFT

However, not all dApps work smoothly considering they are still improving on the existing versions


My list of dApps (in no particular order) which have worked somewhat smoothly so far

- @AceSwap_

- @KatanaSwap

- @Ball_Exchange

- @Emmet_Finance

- @Towerdefi

- @bounce_finance

- @OMOSwapx

- @0xOlive

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