Optimism Red Wars - A result of the OP grant received by @Clique2046 from @optimismFND

Over 40 projects incl @AcrossProtocol, @BungeeExchange, @JumperExchange, @Orbiter_Finance & more, it's a win-win

Participate in the action while upping your chances for the future 🪂


Clique presents the #Optimism Red Wars

Events: 4

Rewards: 100,000 OP

Timeline: 29th Nov 2023 to the 21st of February 2024


Event 1: Bridges

Rewards: 20,000 OP

Timeline: 29 Nov 19:30 - 20 Dec 11:30 (UTC+05:30)

Showcases: Top bridging protocols


Head to



- Referrals: Referrer earns 30 XP & referee

10 XP

- Connect wallet

- Claim loyalty multiplier attestation

- Join Discord

Dual Rewards: Each season's protocols are contributing rewards for engaging users alongside the main prize pool


The play is simple

- Level up your rewards

- Maximize uXP

- Use bridges for more uXP

- Lock in your XP by claiming attestations every 8 hours (max 3x per day)

- Each extra claim boosts your XP with a multiplier

- Bridging funds from ETH to OP can earn you extra points


Participating Protocols

@AcrossProtocol - Additional Rewards of 2000 OP


@deBridgeFinance - 100& gas & fee rebate



Other protocols











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