Chapter IV: Above the Clouds

When Fuyutoki was captured by the eagles at night, the moon was hidden and everywhere she looked was as dark as inside a cave. The sight was vague and she could hardly see anything, which made it even more frightening for Fuyutoki to escape and tell her family about the eagle’s plan on taking over Sora trees. Hours passed and the night dragged on while poor Fuyutoki couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about how to save her beloved family and community. Many questions raced through her head: “What if the eagles destroy my family?”, “How can I save them?”, “How do I escape from the eagles?”. At this night not only Fuyutoki raced with sleepless night, but also her parents on the other side of the forest, were worried about her and wondered if she had been hiding. Her dad flew to search the entire Hanzo kingdom but couldn’t find her. Many questions arose in their heads: “What happened to Fuyutoki?”, “Is she alive?”.

Fuyutoki is clever and always finds solution to everything but the pressure, anxiety and fear clouded her clear thinking. The next morning, the eagles prepared themselves to take over the Sora trees and eliminate the kingfisher community. While they asked Fuyutoki to stay at their place she refused and said that she wanted to fight with them and conquer the Sora trees. While they were flying into the sky their feathers moved back and forth in the wind. With bold eyes, you can sense the madness and strength of the birds of prey.

The small looked-like eagle kingfisher was filled with fear, while the eagles are confident of their win. They approached the final destination while watching the nests of the kingfishers on the Sora trees from a distance. Fuyutoki reached out to the eagles and suggested that before attacking the kingfishers and eliminating them, they should fly high into the sky above the clouds to hide from the kingfishers and then dive into the nests quickly, this will give her at least three minutes to reach out to her community to warn them about the attack. It was her only chance to give a warning. The eagles disagreed and said that they had enough power to conquer the Sora trees quickly and easily. They didn't need to fly and hide from the kingfishers in order to attack with their sharp claws and acute peak there won’t be an effort. Fuyutoki was desperate and tried to convince them in every way possible, but nothing she said could persuade the pack of eagles.

Chapter V: The Fall of Hanzo

In a foggy, clouded forest the kingfishers heard “3…2…1, Attack” a sound from a distant, the eagles were chanting and flying towards the nests of the kingfisher causing a commotion and scaring away all the animals. The kingfishers knew something was wrong in their realm and they had to act quickly. Their first priority was to protect their nests and their young ones.

While Fuyutoki watched the atrocities happening in her kingdom, she knew she had to do something. She flew towards her family and help them hide without being noticed by the eagles. Upon returning to her own nest, Fuyutoki found the eagles attacking and killing other kingfishers. Seeing Fuyutoki alive brought a glimmer of hope to her parents. She quickly warned them, "Mom, dad, if you don't hide quickly, we'll be next." As her parents processed what was happening, they also questioned where she had been and why she was with the eagles. Fuyutoki acknowledged their unanswered questions but emphasized “I know there are my unanswered questions but this not the time, it is time to hide”. The priority was to hide.

Her father insisted defending their home and said: “NO!! We fight till we die!!”, Fuyutoki pleaded: “But dad, this is not the time. We will all die.”, Fuyutoki’s father remained determined to fight and defend the Sora trees. Her mother him in the fight. They flew to confront the eagles, The daughter was watching them from a far distance. Tragically, the father was injured and fell from the tall trees, knowing he had no chance of survival. Fuyutoki was in tears and devastated by what was unfolding before her eyes. All she could do was pray for the survival of the community. Death and destruction surrounded her. It was time to save at least a few of the young kingfishers.

Roaming from nest to nest, Fuyutoki witnessed the devastating aftermath, she got to a nest containing three small kingfisher youngsters, determined to protect them, she guided them to a hidden hole in the ground away from the watchful eyes of eagles. She took one by one and But when she reached the third one, an eagle had already arrived and questioned her Fuyutoki: “What are you doing?”, she said: “I’m fighting with you” attempting to remain confident and unsuspecting, The eagle commanded: “Then kill the kingfisher”. Fuyutoki wasn’t sure what to do, she said but “ I can’t, I don’t have the power you do”, The eagle shouted: “I don’t repeat myself. You have a chance to prove that you are not a traitor”. Fuyutoki approached the young kingfisher, forcing him to the edge of the nest, and silently uttered, "I'm so sorry." The young kingfisher fell off from the tree and died instantly, Fuyutoki was left feeling frustrated and hopeless. Despite her noble intentions to save her community, she had failed and promised herself and the youngster to protect them no matter what.

The eagles took over the Sora trees and nested in them, hoping that these magical trees would provide them with defense and powerful youngsters. After the conqure of the sora trees all animals escaped. Weeks passed and the leaves of the Sora trees started turning dark and slowly the bark was peeling off the trees. It turned out that the Sora trees were actually kept alive by a material that the kingfisher had. This material fed the trees and gave them power, contrary to what was believed in the Hanzo kingdom where it was thought that the Sora trees provided power to the kingfishers.

Little by little the trees became weaker. The eagles believed it was just a matter of time, but the Sora trees died and tragically fell, leading to their extinction and resulting the entire animal kingdom in Hanzo to collapse.