What do you see when you sleep? They call it “dreams'' but I wonder what controls these dreams? Why do I have to see the dreams I have? And most of all, can dreams predict the future? I’ve always wanted to put down the dreams I have in writing, somewhere in my head, I believe someone will find them fascinating. I don’t dream often but when I do it seems so real, I can feel my legs touching the ground and I can feel my own skin. Sometimes, I even hear my own voice.

No matter how dreams look like, they will break you into small pieces when you wake up.
Nour Frikha

When I was much younger and I had dreams, it always felt like I was watching a movie, the only difference is that it never had a beginning or an ending. I believe dreams are a way of seeing the world in a whole different way.

Scientists say that “the most vivid dreams are a remarkable replication of reality” that it’s something with our brains replicating what we have seen or heard when we were awake. I cannot totally agree with this because for me, the things I see in my dreams are not anywhere close to my reality. As funny and unrealistic as it may sound, I have had dreams that eventually turn into reality. Like when it happens I’ll say to myself, “I have seen this before” like a Deja vu.

Let me share some of these dreams with you, maybe then you’ll be able to understand me. I have decided to title them as I see fit.


I open my eyes and I’m on this voyage, on a ship with people I do not know, people of different races and colors speaking languages I cannot understand. I think we are heading towards Asia or somewhere far away, but I am not sure. It seems like we are all running away from something and that’s how we all end up on the ship. Many People are being treated like criminals by the people that run the ship. I don’t know why exactly and like I said earlier “no beginnings, no ending”. From what I see, and how confused everyone is including me, I assume that we were drugged just right after we boarded the ship to hide some certain details away from us like what it was like when we boarded the ship. I also think that some people came in voluntarily while others were forced. I don’t have any knowledge of how I got on the ship or even why I did but I don’t also feel like I am being forced to be on this ship. For me, it’s just calm and still. The details get very faded here but from what I can gather in my head, it seems like the people that control the ship, the people in higher authority are using some other people (lower rank) for some kind of experiment. I’m in this dream and it feels so real, I can hear the ocean and here people whispering, saying that some people are getting killed brutally. I do not seem lost, and no one seems to notice me. I’m on this ship and the journey doesn’t seem to come to an end. I remember seeing different people and imagining in my head what they were feeling at that moment. There was this little boy, he was all alone and he was scared. Although I wanted to speak to him, I couldn’t. I also saw a girl and someone I presumed to be her father because of his gray hair, again I didn’t speak to them. Then there was a group of Asian people too, led by this man and his wife; they had a baby. I keep walking and waking around this ship, and I see the leader, more like the captain of the ship.

As I said, my dreams are always disjointed but I remember that for this one, just before I woke up there were sea creatures that came onboard the ship threatening me and most likely killing them. It was disturbing. I woke up not knowing what happened next.


This one was a bit tricky; I woke up and everyone was still sleeping. I didn’t recognize anybody I knew, I tried to wake them up, but they didn’t. They were not dead as I could still hear their heartbeat and their body temperature was normal, so I knew they were alive. But why weren’t they waking up. I walked for hours or what I thought was and I didn’t see anyone who was awake, I moved from house to house, but everyone was still asleep. Strange thing was that I wasn’t afraid, and I didn’t feel alone. I just kept walking. Finally, I saw someone, I don’t remember the details and they have become fragments in my head but after talking for a while we then realized that the people asleep were connected to a source or something and not until some form of lights is connected then every other person in the world will be asleep forever. We didn’t know if there were others like us who were awake and were as confused as we are, but we set out to find “the light. This dream was not like any I have had, it was oddly peaceful as I wasn’t scared in this dream. It was just different.

Whenever I wake up from my dreams and I realize it wasn’t real I’m always in shock. They quickly fade out of my memory and recently I have decided to always write them down as soon as I wake up. That is why I can still remember as many details as I can remember in the above dreams, I have shared with you.

Does anyone else feel the same way I do when they dream? Do you understand why? And do you agree with the scientists that dreams are only fragments of what we see or hear in our reality and nothing more?