If you were asked as a child what you wanted to become, I bet almost everyone had dreams. To become a lawyer, a doctor, an architect, an engineer, a cardiologist, a neurosurgeon, a dentist, an optician, a pilot, some even wanted to join the force, could be the police force, the army or the navy.

These were our aspirations as children, fast forward to secondary school. We've seen a bit of how life works and we begin to change our dreams. Some people want to become teachers while some maintain their lifelong aspirations to become doctors, architects, lawyers etc.

Upon graduation, some schools will ask “Where will you be in the next five years?

Many responses like I’ll be a successful career lady and an expert in my field, I’ll be renowned for being a change in my world.

Well, Miss Destiny has hers differently, destiny is not one to acknowledge your personal goals and aspirations, she throws you to where she deems fit for you, she throws what she considers best at you, that’s why you see aspiring medical practitioners becoming entrepreneurs, learning a trade, acquiring a skill and deviating totally from the dreams they have.

Destiny will watch you throw away your dreams and embrace hers because man needs to survive.

Oxford dictionary defines destiny as the events that will necessarily happen to a person in the future.

Destiny is the notion that our lives are not entirely our own, that there are invisible hands guiding our steps, directing our paths and leading us towards an inevitable destination.

Miss Destiny is often mistaken for free will and whatever happens to us is a function of our decisions. Well, miss destiny does not see it that way. She raises your hopes so high and suddenly shatters it by presenting hers to you and making you accept it like its yours, this same Destiny will look at a person with no ambition and dump ambitious thoughts and strategy in their hearts making them begin to strive for excellence.

I came across a graduate of an admirable course taking passport photographs and when I asked him why he took up the job despite his qualifications and certifications, he made it known to me that this world is a game, one that encourages the survival of the fittest and only the fit stands strong till the end. He mentioned that he embraced the job of a passport photographer in the bid to survive because nothing was forthcoming even with his certifications. This man had dreams and aspirations, he was very ambitious and he pursued his ambitions passionately, upon graduation, he could not secure a job for himself and so he delved into photography.

Some people are very lucky, lucky enough to possess the power Miss Destiny wields and wield it to suit their own goals, ambitions and plans. Miss Destiny looks favorably on these people as she allows them to do whatever it is they really want.

This is the story of Rita and how she foher destiny.

Rita was born into a lineage of renowned weavers in Bankuli. Right from ages past, any child born into the family of weavers is destined to be a cloth weaver, meaning Rita is destined to follow her ancestral line of craft.

Yet, Rita harbored a yearning that went beyond the intricate patterns and vibrant hues of her craft. She longed to explore the world beyond fabric weaving, to experience the vastness of existence, to unravel the mysteries that lay hidden beneath the surface of her seemingly predetermined path.

As she grew, Rita’s restlessness intensified. She read a lot of books, engrossed in the stories of far-off lands and extraordinary lives, her imagination ignited by the possibilities that lay beyond her familiar surroundings.

One day, while wandering through the city's bustling marketplace, Rita stumbled upon a traveling bard, his weathered face etched with the stories of countless journeys. His tales of distant lands and daring adventures captivated Rita, igniting a spark of rebellion within her.

Determined to break free from the confines of her seemingly predetermined destiny, Rita made a pact with herself - to embark on a journey of her own, to weave her own fabric of experiences, one that would not be dictated by the expectations of her family or the whispers of fate.

Under the cloak of darkness, Rita slipped away from her home, her heart pounding with a mixture of fear and excitement. She carried with her a knapsack filled with meager provisions, her mother's heirloom spinning wheel, and a heart brimming with dreams.

Her journey led her through winding paths, across sun-scorched plains, and over towering mountains. She encountered a thousand of individuals, each with their own unique stories to tell - a wise old hermit, a mischievous band of nomads, a noble knight on a quest for justice.

With each encounter, Rita's fabric grew richer, its patterns ever more intricate and diverse. She learned the language of the stars, deciphered the secrets of ancient texts, and discovered hidden talents she never knew she possessed.

Yet, her journey was not without its challenges. She faced nerve wrecking storms, navigated treacherous landscapes, and confronted her own fears and insecurities. But with each obstacle she overcame, Rita's resolve grew stronger, her determination to forge her own destiny unwavering.

Along the way, Rita revisited the concept of destiny, realizing that it was not a rigid path but rather a fluid dance between fate and free will. She understood that while her lineage and upbringing had provided her with a foundation, it was her own choices, her courage to step outside her comfort zone, and her unwavering belief in herself that would ultimately shape her destiny.

After years of wandering, Rita returned to Bankuli, a transformed woman. She carried with her a wealth of experiences, a tapestry of stories woven with threads from all corners of the world. Her heart was filled with gratitude for the journey she had taken, the lessons she had learned, and the friendships she had forged.

Upon her return, Rita embraced her family's legacy, weaving fabrics that not only reflected the beauty of her craft but also the richness of her experiences. Her creations captivated the hearts and minds of all who beheld them, each intricate pattern telling a story of courage, resilience, and the extraordinary power of free will.

Rita's tale is a testament to the captivating interplay between destiny and free will. It is a reminder that while fate may provide the framework of our lives, it is our choices, our actions, and our unwavering belief in ourselves that ultimately shape our destinies.