Have you ever been surrounded by 20 or so police officers who told you to leave because of illegal assembly? My neighbors went through it.

Only by emptying all the savings of real estate can the Chinese who are accustomed to being disciplined and docile do such "extraordinary" things.

I'm afraid this is an experience they haven't tried before.

Last time, one and a half months before the house was repossessed, that is to say, at the end of May 23, neighbors found that there were wavy regular protrusions on the outer wall, so they sent representatives to negotiate with the developer "Excellence" and the Housing and Construction Bureau.

At that time, we were very naive. When we saw that the external wall did start to be repaired, we believed the excellent nonsense: it would be repaired as much as possible before the handover on June 30, but because it was rainy season recently, the actual completion time could not be determined.

However, when the house was collected from June 30 to July 5, we found that the repaired wall was still uneven, and even at the end of July, the wall was still in a mess.

Some promised public facilities, such as swimming pools, are still under construction, and even the community health center advertised when buying houses has not been seen.

And as people started inspecting houses, they found interior problems as common as exterior walls, or even worse.

Tile hollowing, small cracks on walls, loose floors, lights can not turn on such problems, we have basically numb and accept, after all, as some neighbors began to decorate, slowly found some terrible hidden engineering problems:

1. The inner insulation layer in the wall is not made, and even part of the wall is hollow, only a little foam column is plugged.

2. After the indoor door was accidentally broken, it was found that the inside of the door was honeycomb paper structure. Yes, the paper door.

3. The wires were directly buried in the sediment layer without buried pipes, and there was a risk of leakage.

4. There was no sunlight in some bathrooms, and they were black in broad daylight.

Developers promise farting, we're done. We're on our first move.