What do you see when you look in the mirror? Whose reflection stares back at you? You’re the first thing you see whenever you look into the mirror. Nobody else can see what you see in yourself. Why then do you let other people define you?

In your eyes you’re the fairest of them all, why then do you need others to see you as you see yourself? The validation you constantly crave is eating you up inside, leaving a void. You neglect the core of your existence and chase after acceptance. Wandering and wishing with an obsessive need for others to see you as you see yourself? The validation you constantly crave is eating you up inside, leaving a void.

If only you knew the power you carry and the measure of your potentials, you would put all your efforts into yourself. The thing is when you truly see yourself, you wouldn’t need anyone to see you. The way you carry yourself as an embodiment of your grace and personality would be enough to shake them into acceptance. Never you worry about what the rest of the populaces says that you are except what you really see in yourself.

If you see average in yourself, you would be average but the moment you look inwards and tap into your greatness, you become an unstoppable force. You’re always looking at everything in the world except your soul because you fail to realize that in front of a mirror the first thing you see is yourself. Not the person you idolize so much that refuses to acknowledge you, but yourself. Raw, true and unaltered.

Your body is an altar and you’re the high priest, why then do you let society dictate to you the standards for beauty? Why do you let them trick you into believing you’re unworthy? You don’t think you’re gracious whenever you look at yourself. You think you’re below beautiful that you don’t even take time to style your hair every morning.
You see yourself as less than worthy from the standards the society have dictated. The timelines they have made for everything makes you not realize that you are different, set aside from the pack. You do not have to conform to their ways or standards. They don’t define you, the only thing that has the power to define you is yourself, thewhole world will adjust. They will see you for who you are not because you begged them but because they see it in the way you carry yourself. The unapologetic grace you elude, true to your nature, daring to defy the status quo.

It is by inventing your true self you make new norms. Who is to say there’s a linear way of doing things? Remaining a certain way because others say that’s how you’re supposed to be without first finding yourself is like suicide to the greatness your future holds. The world doesn’t define you, you’re not the first thing they see when they look in the mirror. You should focus more on the person you see in the mirror, defining, beautifying and growing that person.

A popular saying goes “The eyes are the windows of the soul” it is indeed the soul’s window but its more. It is also the mirror which shapes your perspective, showing you what your soul desires. It is a witness to what you choose to accept.

I doubt you’d be truly fulfilled living a life defined by others. Be daring with your chin high about who you are and not what the world wants for you. The world will always want what they want with different opinions flying around, but in a world filled with a stream of endless truths stand on your truth. Stand on what you believe for yourself, the dreams you act out in the mirror can be reality. Why do you hide the beauty and poise you show the mirror from the world? Fear of getting judged or misconstrued? Always remember you’re not living for the world.

I saw somewhere that our time is limited so we shouldn’t waste it living out someone else’s life. A lot of us spend so much time mirroring another’s life, ignoring your reflection. Completely snubbing the mirror in front of you, refusing to take time out to learn your passions. The intricacy and delicacy of viewing life as an art then seems like a fallacy to your world conforming lifestyle. You do not want to learn what really keeps you up at night. Refusing to acknowledge the void you feel in your chest.

Everything is bland and lackluster because you do not know the essence of your existence. Completely oblivious to the concept of the uniqueness embodied by each person. Their essence is cloaked by the presence of endlessly chasing another’s purpose. The world told you that’s the way you should live and you never for once bothered to find out the way you want to live. You never dared to find out your dreams or chase after them. You’ve never experienced the adrenaline rush from following your passions because you never took time to discover it. Why? Because you wanted to hide in the safety of the routines and standards the world has mapped out? You wanted to rest in the certainty of it all? The ways you know are safe and secure, quite alright. But it is in the tinge of uncertainty in chasing after what our spirits yearn for that we feel most alive. Now tell me what is a life that doesn’t make you feel alive?

The people you mirror, the lives you imitate. They carry the same color of blood as you. Do not for one day look down on yourself or the power that you could possibly emanate. If those you look up to failed to identify first with themselves, they most likely wouldn’t be where they are today. Identify first with yourself before identifying with the patterns of this world. Your greatest possession is your identity. Identify it, protect it, nourish it and most importantly grow it.

Your life doesn’t have to make sense to anyone as long as it makes your heart race. The most important thing is it makes sense to you. Don’t worry about the world, somehow, someday your people will find you. People that truly understand you. Just worry about staying true to your magnificent nature. I hope when you look in the mirror today, you learn to focus on the person it reflects.

Now, I hope when you look in the mirror and ask who is the fairest of them all you see is yourself because in a world filled with different creatures you should see yourself first. For when you can truly see yourself, your eyes are opened to the beauty of this world.