Sometimes, just sometimes

I wish I didn't read so much.

My so much isn't as much as some people's much

But all the much I read makes me ache-

Ache in parts of my heart I wish remained undiscovered.

Sometimes, just sometimes

I don't think I like reading too much.

Cause it makes me yearn for things that

I deem, I presume, I know-

To be far from reality.

But I can't stop and I hate it

But I dont want to stop

Cause these books,

These billion combinations of 26 alphabets

Carefully arranged by miracle minds from across the globe,

Makes me believe in more.

Makes me believe-

In a love that's so excrutiatingly beautiful that

You fall for the magic of life!

And a life that's so exhaustingly incidental that you can't help falling in love with living!!

It gives me hope and a little more.

It tells me tales of everyday nuances that scream extraordinary,

That I spend my days searching for the ordinaries that make my everydays an exhilarating experience.

It leaves me aching and yearning

But it leaves me whole-

And in search,

Cause there's always more.