Note to the Reader: The following snippets are entries from the journal of the murderer in my work in progress: my latest mystery suspense novel set to be released soon. There are a few things I would like you to be aware of as the reader. One: these snippets are raw and perhaps hard to read. They may contain scenes that evoke terrifying emotions. Please take care as you proceed. Two: If you would like to collect the free themed artwork you see here, you may throughout the month of November at Thank you!

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023

I Was So Giddy!

I was so giddy! I found them. So absolutely giddy!!

I can’t wait to tell you!!

She told me what to do! But she never said how! So, I got to figure that out and boy did I ever!

I had it all planned, every last detail, down to the last second. But I couldn’t find the very pieces I needed. I bought them as a set years ago at some antique store in Italy or something. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that I found them! I scoured my apartment! I took everything out of every closet. I looked under every bed and in every cupboard. I even took every single book from my shelves. And there they were tucked in the back behind one of my old dictionaries like a treasure. They are a treasure. They so are!

I love how they sparkle in the light, how they create rainbows when they’re turned one way and the other. So beautiful. So perfect for the job!

I had been talking to her for weeks up to the day. I sent her the blue dress to wear and the jewels to put in her hair. I arranged for us to meet and take a carriage after dinner. So many little touches went into this one. The music at dinner. The dancing. The beautiful night beneath the stars.

I even did something I have never done before. I went ahead to the sight days before that night to get it ready. I wanted everything to be perfect for her. And it was.

Everything was ready when I laid her down quietly and quickly on the blanket there deep in the woods beneath a sky full of stars. I placed her hands so peacefully and sweet. I had to trim her feet just a little so they would fit. But in the end, I was so happy. There she will be for all eternity, like a princess, like a queen, warm in her blanket, the music from our dance playing in her head, and her small glass slippers shimmering in the moonlight.

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023

Do I Like School?

Do I like school? I can’t really remember. Regular school – like books and teachers and rooms that smell like old socks and glue. I don’t think so. At least I don’t think I did. I really think I hated it. We moved a lot, and I never really got the opportunity to make really awesome friends like you see in the movies. I wanted to make those kinds of friends. The ones that meet at the corner to go to park and buy hot peanuts from the guy. The ones that stay up late and tell ghost stories at a campfire and eat so much candy they puke! The ones that never forget you even years after you’ve been gone. Those friends were the dream.

But the university, going to the university. I did like that. I liked the way the long halls of the library smelled and the quiet dim paths between this building and that building. I liked the energy and the people. I liked the professors and the way they listened, really listened like I had something intelligent and interesting to add.

And I did make some good friends, some funny friends, some smart friends. Friends who I am certain would return my call if I ever called them.

That’s why it was so nice coming back here. I felt a nice thrill as I walked the campus again. The tall buildings reaching up, the red brick bright and strong in the golden light. The crawling ivy and flowering gardens.

She wasn’t hard to find. She was working late in the costume shop, sewing some huge piece of fabric. She looked like a fun person to get to know. But I didn’t want to do that. Not this time. I really just wanted to go home. I’d been traveling for seemed like months, and I just didn’t have the energy to make a new friend.

So, I simply knocked on the door and walked in. I told her I was looking for Sam – an old college buddy of mine. She asked me his last name and told me she might be able to look him up in the directory. Of course I said thanks and wandered around while she looked.

I wondered what I could use. There were so many things, long pieces of thick yarn, some brightly colored rope, but I just don’t like doing that. It takes too long.

I did find this incredibly long needle looking thing. It was awesome. A little heavy for a needle. It made super quick work. It was done in an instant. Excellent. Then I just rolled her up nicely in the fabric she was sewing and caught the next plane home.

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023

I Hated To Do It

I hated to do it. Really, I did. It was such beautiful hair. And her voice, so pretty as she sang!

I didn’t want to take her powers away. I wanted her to stay beautiful and strong. I wanted to wrap her long beautiful blond hair around her, wind it about her shoulders and waist. There seemed to be miles of it. I wanted to protect her and keep her safe. I wanted to protect her voice. Her hair. Her smile.

But, SHE wouldn’t let me.

And I have to do what she says or…just or! That is all. She makes me do it. She made me cut her hair. She made me silence her voice. She made me do all these things I don’t want to do.

When will this ever end? Who will take care of me like I take care of them? Who will wrap me in a blanket and keep me safe for all eternity. Who will pick a beautiful place where the sun shines warm or where the moonlight is peaceful? Who will help me?

I could do it. I could set it all up. I could pick out my favorite things and place them about. Maybe I could find a nice quiet lane by a bridge or under a tall tree at the end of a long walk. A place where I could hear the birds sing and the water lapping along the bank. Or maybe overlooking a big city so I can always see the twinkling lights at night and hear the bustle of traffic and chatter of voices. Oh, but then, what about the ocean. I love the sound of the surf and way the sun gleams on the waves.

How will I ever pick? I may just have to wait for someone to love me enough to do it. I don’t really know anyone yet. No one loves me like I love them. Not yet.

I will keep looking.

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023