3. Harmoni’s P.O.V

flicked through photos on my camera roll from last year. My curly gold locks and bright skin shone through the screen. I couldn't bare the comparison of myself from then and now. But I tried to take it in stride, it's still me. I just hit a big bump on the road and like all bumps, they don't last forever. All I had to do was ride it out and get towards a smoother journey.

I evidently give myself a lot of pep-talks. I've always been the advise giver even though I was the one who needed the advice the most. I never spoke about my personal life, I just wasn't really like that. I may have some trust issues, like my sis Hannah says. Even when it came to my cancer diagnoses I refused the head teachers offer of letting the school know about my sickness... which wasn't my greatest move.

I went to an all girls school and like myself, if you didn't know, any room for rumours will be made. It was a field day for the gossipers. All speculation came to a halt when I posted a bald picture of myself on Instagram. Yep, a very bold move (no pun intended) but, at the very end, true colours were shown. Not to mention the hundreds of sympathy likes I received, and wish-you-wells from students who had never even paid me any mind before.

My nurse Lucy causally strolled into my room and placed a new leaflet on my table and exited.

I don't know wether it was because she was busy or annoyed at the sheer fact another useless leaflet had to be delivered to all the patients on the ward. The cover was a professional beach photo. The turquoise waves of the sea and soft pink sunset contrasted into each other beautifully.

I absentmindedly switched to the back of the leaflet, then to the front. The title read 'free counselling sessions: live life like you knew it'.

Hm. As much as I'd like to help myself, I don't think it's worth the tears and rambling. I'd rather just sit here and let my time pass stress-freely.

If I could, I'd let my sister attend. She needed it far more than I do.

I took my running blood transfusion and it's wheeled contraption to the social room. This is where all the cancer patients on the teen ward go to socialise. I'm not keen on talking to people I don't know but, I thought it was better than staying in my room all week.

'Dear Diary, 15/05/17

I miss my health, I miss my sister, I miss my parents.'

'Yeah me too.' Spoke a soft voice behind me. I turned around with furrowed brows. A bald yet beautiful faced girl stood behind me. Smiling closed-mouthed with large turquoise eyes which resembled a maze, magical and intricate and oddly enough, very long dark lashes.

It's was a bit rude to read my diary like that, but, I put that aside as she sat down beside me.

'But, one thing I don't miss is counselling. I hated that session.' She said, as she glared at my leaflet on the table.

'Oh, yeah. I didn't even bother going.' I said, shaking my head.

'Yeah, it was okay until she started asking about upbringing and families. I'm here 'cause of cancer. Not pervious life trauma. Wow.' She said. As she twirled a fork full of pasta out of her plate of food.

'Wow.. t-that's stupid.' I said awkwardly.

'Mhmm' She said with her mouthful. 'How long have you been here?'

I suddenly felt like I was in prison with a question like that. Gosh, I watch too many crime shows.

'Uhh, four months. You?' I said, pausing my thoughts about CSI New York.

'Two.' She said bluntly, wiping her hands mouth then hands with a napkin.

The confidence oozed out of this girl effortlessly like how water flows through sea. She seemed super cool, I kind of wanted to be that relaxed myself.

'Oh, I didn't catch your name?' I said, breaking the silence.

'Daniella,' she replied, serving a sweet smile.

4. Hannah’s P.O.V

"Hannah! It's time for lunch" exclaimed a staff member. I wasn't sure of his name... In all honesty, I'm not even sure of myself.

"I'm not hungry." I whispered to myself.

I'm not hungry. I'm never hungry. This past week I've completed lost all appetite and I was dropping kilos like mixtapes. Although, I was happy. I've always wanted to lose weight and this time I was barely trying. Who doesn't want a flat stomach and thin arms?

The heavy wooden door swung open.

"What's your name again?" Said a loud, short girl, chubby girl.

"... Hannah" I replied with a startled delay.

"Lacey." She replied. Extending her hand with a spoon and a pot of chocolate mousse inside it.

"... thanks" I responded hesitantly as I grabbed the mousse out of her palm.

She jolted out and slammed the door behind her.

She was so... strange, she carried such a weird aura... a friendly yet aggressive nature. She seems somewhat nice. But what does she want?

My sister would of been able to figure it out.

And what's in this mousse? Why did she wants to give it to me...

"Maybe she's just being kind." I muttered to myself, dismissing all thoughts.

I put the mousse to one side, closed my eyes and laid down.

I felt a cold splash of water soak my face and clothes. I immediately jolted up.

"What the f*ck?!" I screamed.

"That's what you get you fucking b*tch."

I catapulted out of my bed. I threw punch after punch. Tugged on her hair and slapped the nerve out of her as all the patients in the ward rushed in shock to watch what was going on.

"Uh! That's enough!" A staff member shouted. Pulling myself off lacey.

"What the absolute f*ck was that about?!" I aggressively questioned Lacey.

"Don't you EVER try that again."

She looked devastated as the staff escorted her out the premises.

"Don't ever f*cking try me." I muttered to myself.

"Why did you do that?!" A staff member with a heavy accent questioned.

"She threw her drink on me for no reason!" I exclaimed while slamming my door.

"Ugh, get me out of here man." I said.

Am I in hospital or a boxing ring?

What has my life come to?