A close-knit group of old friends, united by their passion for writing and the magic of storytelling. They see their writing journey as a magical and liberating experience, akin to the serene imagery their team name evokes. Inspired by the themes of magical realism, they seek to find enchantment in the everyday.

Team Members: Gemma and Hayii.

The Origin of Friendship

We're old friends who love to write and create. It can be difficult to find time to dedicate to writing regularly, so when we saw this contest, we thought of it as a great opportunity to tackle that specific challenge.

Behind the Name

Our team name, for us, evokes very strong imagery. Think of dragonflies on a summer sunset, a cool breeze cutting through the humidity, twinkling stars coming out one by one overhead, a chorus of frogs in the background. So peaceful, and so magical all at once.What's more, frogs are considered by some to bring good luck; they can also represent rebirth. (And, they're adorable!) Writing can be refreshing and liberating; each story, a new world and new life. Also, we hope for good luck to do well in this contest - and wish you all good luck, as well!

The Writing Roadmap

At the moment, we're each planning on writing fiction / narratives of differing genres. Some of the themes that inspire us the most are finding magic in the mundane (as you may have imagined from our name ;P), and especially, the genre of magical realism.

This team spotlight is created by Gemma, edited by Wanshu.