Members of team The Milliners are rooted in the web3 space, united by their involvement in the PubDAO and Hats Protocol. 'The Milliners' reflects their playful spirit and their aim to delve into topics around DAOs and decentralization, with a focus on the intricacies of Hats Protocol.

Team Members: Clinamenic, morereese, and Coffee-Crusher.

The Origin of Friendship

Morereese and I met in the PubDAO discord server two years ago, and both gradually become core team members there. No longer with PubDAO, we are now both in the Hats Protocol community, and still meet on a regular basis to nerd out about web3 business/org design. Coffee-Crusher and I met more recently, in the Hats Protocol community, and are hoping to write some content about some new features of the protocol.

Behind the Name

A milliner is just an antiquated term for hat-maker, which I found fitting (pun intended) because of our shared interest in Hats Protocol.

The Writing Roadmap

We'll probably cover a variety of topics, but at least some of them will be explanatory pieces about Hats Protocol and other DAO-building tools and protocols.

This team spotlight is created by Clinamenic and edited by Wanshu.