A pair of builders in web3 who see the potential of blockchain for empowering creators. 'Decent Partners' stands for fairness, decentralisation and quality, planning to explore the intersection of media, culture, and technology, with a hint of satire reflecting the absurdities of the crypto world.

Team Members: Richard and Bruno.

The Origin of Friendship

I ventured down the crypto rabbit hole searching for a better way to sustain creative experimentation - with the aim of reimagining the BBC for a networked world.I began chatting with Bruno a few years back after being inspired with his work developing https://rmrk.app. We then bonded over our mutual interest in seeing meaningful adoption of blockchain tech, rather than more casinos. I'd say we're both grumpy and optimistic in equal parts.Ultimately we're both motivated by creating, rather than speculating and perhaps have a certain amount of crypto PTSD.

Behind the Name

Decent Partners is a hybrid on/off-chain collective on the experimental Kabocha blockchain which we launched to focus on identity and rights management for creative collectives.

Decent is the editorial vehicle that brings alive the values of the group - think Wired of Web3.

Decent - as in good.
Decent - as in decentralised.
Decent - as in fair.

The Writing Roadmap

Richard: We're both interested in a wide range of topics, personally I've always been interested in telling stories at the intersection of media, culture and tech.There is huge comedic potential in crypto, though it's pretty hard to know where satire ends and serious begins.

Bruno: I just like to harp on about decentralization and web3 ideals, so I imagine most of my topics will touch on that.

This team spotlight is created by Richard and Bruno, edited by Wanshu.