That moment came unexpectedly when I stumbled upon Krishna & the Gita.

In those profound verses, I discovered eternal wisdom that sparked self-realization and reshaped my purpose.

I would like to share Krishna's teachings that have deeply impacted my life.

Karma matters. Our actions create ripples far beyond ourselves.

  • Krishna reminds us to take responsibility for each choice.
    • To reflect on how we can uplift our little corner of the universe.

      Everything happens for a reason.

      • Krishna's life shows us that even painful events serve a purpose in our spiritual growth.
        • We can find meaning in all circumstances when we see life as His unfolding story.

          Sacrifice self-interest for the greater good.

          • Krishna sacrificed his comfort for others.
            • He teaches us that real joy comes from lifting up people around us through seva or selfless service.

              No work is too small or mundane.

              • Krishna did menial chores without ego.
                • With mindful presence, even routine tasks become opportunities to perfect our character.

                  Cherish true companions.

                  • Krishna treasured his friends and stood by them in all circumstances.
                    • He shows us the value of relationships rooted in virtue, loyalty, and acceptance.

                      Have faith in your inner divinity.

                      • Krishna saw the radiant soul in even his enemies.
                        • He empowers us to overcome self-doubt and recognize our heroic potential.

                          Stay unattached amid chaos.

                          • Though Krishna faced struggles, he remained calm and focused on doing what was right.
                            • His equanimity gave him the clarity to follow his dharma.

                              Lead through service.

                              • Krishna, king and commander, always put people's welfare first.
                                • He inspires us to uplift others before self - the true mark of greatness.

                                  This mortal form is temporary.

                                  • Krishna's life teaches us to focus on permanent spiritual growth rather than fleeting physical pleasures.

                                    Live mindfully.

                                    • Krishna advised being present and detached from outcomes.
                                      • By living each moment purposefully, we find fulfilment.

                                        May we walk in Krishna's light - serving selflessly, and finding divine purpose.

                                        His teachings call us to uplift others. 🙏