I don’t really know how to use a diary. It’s something I would have loved to start using a long time ago, but I never allowed myself to.

Sometimes it's surprising how many things we would love to do, love to say , love to explore, but we just don’t allow ourselves to.

Like writing about what is magical in our lives, what feels deep for us but we fear others will label as dumb.

And that’s exactly what I feel like I need to do right now.

Writing about the extraordinary in the very ordinary things I might experience in life. And sharing what has been, is, and will be my own spiritual journey, without fear of talking about the fantastical.

So in this journal, there will be a lot that is just an exaggeration of my own feelings, of my own experience. Maybe it will just feel like that because of how unaccustomed I am to allow myself to express what is inside of me. And a lot of that will sound absurd, or fictitious. Or downright magical.

That’s the point of these lines. To explore an almost parallel reality, one where I live and maybe you live as well, with the daily mundane occurrences happening around us. Only that in this reality, the spiritual world that our ancestors recognized, the stuff that we would call magic, is as common as well, permeating everything that surrounds us, being one extension more of our own identities and possibilities.

So what will follow is an account of the path that I have started. Part of it will be fiction, part of it won't. It will focus on my own spiritual journey, which converges (in a much more clear way these days) with my professional path.

It will be about Metasuyo, the worlds of fiction I am working on, inspired by the civilizations and beliefs of my ancestors, and the legacy that is still alive in my country, Perú.

It will be about the marvelous, new technologies that allow us to have a new way to create, own and share stories. In Metasuyo, we will be using a version of the Internet that we can collectively own, known as web3. AI will help us illustrate our ideas, at least in the early days as we find the right artists to bring them to life. The metaverse and digital platforms will become the channels for getting those stories across the world.

It will be about the products and experiences that share a cultural identity with those same ancestors, and how they can create impact for people, for the world around us and the perception we have about it as well. Everything from superfoods, sustainable fashion, and ecotourism will be part of what we explore, as I populate this journal with my search for building Metasuyo's ecosystem of products.

It will be about the Qhapaq Ñan, the Inca Trail, and how it translates not only to a series of roads spanning a huge portion of South America, but it was mainly, in the times of the Inca, about the path of the pure, the way of those who wanted to live fully, aligned with the universe.

It will be about the magic in the mundane, and the simplicity of the fantastic.

You can treat it as fiction, and you can also read it as me just building in public, to put it in modern terms.

Maybe the only reason I insist with the fictional perspective is because, to share what I want to share, I feel safer behind the excuse that this is going to be a fictional tale. But I aim to keep it as close to our own reality as I can.

So this particular journal is about my story in this world. And I hope to include others' stories as well, to uncover more about what is incredible about their own journeys, and how it can help manifest more attuned lives for our reality.

It will take a little bit of imagination, but I hope to make it worthwhile... and to inspire you to recognize and share the magic in your life as we