Oh, How I loved the story.

The tail of the man who was once the form of a poetry.

The myths of the fold and the pinch.

The songs of the greatest man, who never flinched.

How was I even that bold ?

Could I have been a hero like I told ?

Did some spell made me the one that everybody wanted me to be ?

What sort of sorcery changed the young worker into the ennemie's greatest misery ?

How disturbing. Isn't it ?

How is it ?

How is it that my shape feels now more and more restraining.

My lungs burn, my back is suffering.

My fingers curl up.

My mood does downs and ups, and downs and ups, and downs and ups.

My arms, strenghten by so many fights, were once gold.

My lips, chapped, once good to kiss, are now kind of old.

All those ones that I have hold.

They've forgetten me, I know, I've been told.

What remains of me ?

What remains of the man that I used to call "me".

Where is he, "me" who disapeared years ago.

Was my youth an era, that vanished in the shadow ?

Oh lord. Oh anybody that can still hear me.

Oh, croud that surrounds the mainfold Avery.

Would you dare to spend some time with me ?

I'm not stupid... I'm just old.

My time approaches.

Every hour my room is controlled.

They're all waiting for it.

I felt my flesh started to rot

As my bones stopped to crack.

That's why it is not anymore goodbye.

That's why it is an adieu, not another rendez-vous.

Might you stay with me, still ?

It's sort of lonely here.

Kind of depressing here.

It's cold in that room.

Shivers and ghosts haunt that room.

What were the odds. Uh ?

I want to believe that it might have ended differently.

That I might have been still, the hero of the story.

That it never stopped.

To be fair,

I won't leave without regrets.

But who can claim that he did ?

I asked to be burried at the edge of a forest.

Because calm and silence might now be all that I need.

A silence that teaches.

A silence that repeats.

A silence that insists.

It's finished.

No more adventures.

No more fights.

No more glory.

Just sleep sweet prince.

You've done your part.

And it was all worth it.