Following the launch of Manta Pacific Mainnet Alpha, we have witnessed tremendous growth in adoption and usage on the network. MantaFest, the 5-week celebration of the launch of Manta Pacific, has been a key driver in that growth. Pacific has experienced over 1150%+ growth in TVL with over $10m locked on the network, pushing the network into the top 20 L2 chains within just three weeks of launch. To continue providing support for the success we have already witnessed with MantaFest, Manta Pacific is introducing the Uncharted Pacific Grants Program.

The Uncharted Pacific Grants Program is a grant specifically designed for all ecosystem projects that are participating in MantaFest. The goal of Uncharted Pacific is to boost participation and reward projects and communities that are putting in a concerted effort to support the early adoption of Manta Pacific. To onboard as an ecosystem application, participate in Manta Pacific, and qualify for the Uncharted Pacific Grants, apply here.

Grant Details

5 million Manta tokens will be awarded across all of the ecosystem projects participating in MantaFest. A portion of the grants will be divided into five activities coinciding with the different categories of activities available during MantaFest. The announced activities include Bridging activities, Social Activities, and DeFi activities. More activities will be announced in the upcoming weeks of MantaFest. For each activity category, Manta tokens will be distributed.

Within each of the activities, excluding the DeFi activities, 500,000 Manta tokens will be granted to participating projects as follows:

  • 200,000 Manta tokens will be distributed to the top-ranking project for that activity
  • 100,000 Manta tokens will be distributed to the next highest-ranking project for that activity
  • 200,000 Manta tokens will be distributed evenly across the remaining projects involved in that activity

DeFi activities will occur in two periods rather than one, thus granting 1,000,000 Manta tokens (500,000 per period). Furthermore, an additional 500,000 Manta tokens will be granted based on TVL.

With 3.5 million Manta tokens distributed across all activities, 1.5 million Manta tokens remain undistributed from the Uncharted Pacific Grants Program. The distribution of the remaining 1.5 million Manta tokens will be announced throughout MantaFest as special rewards. We encourage as much participation as possible and please stay tuned to announcements on our official channels (i.e., Twitter and Discord) for updates regarding those distributions.

For projects that would like to get involved in MantaFest and deploy on Manta Pacific, you can apply through our Ecosystem Application Form. The Manta core team will reach out after receiving your application. We look forward to welcoming you into the Manta Pacific ecosystem!

The Uncharted Pacific Grants Program is an exciting opportunity to reward all of the projects involved in the growth of the Pacific ecosystem. We are excited to introduce the program and look forward to continued growth together!