I thought you guys might enjoy this.

I shave my head because I'm not 'perfectly' bald. This morning, the universe was determined to stop this vanity. It has never been an issue to shave my head before - today, it was pure hell.

To start, I charged my shaver and got started.

Three rows in on one side, the shaver stopped working. I checked the charge, I oiled the head, I made sure it wasn't clogged with hair. Nope, wouldn't work. So I broke out my second shaver - which doesn't do as good a job, but works.

Nope, not today - it simply would not shear my hair. I did the maintenance routine, but got nothing from it either.So I went back to shaver 1.

Got my tool kit. Tramped hair from the first three rows all over my house. Made a mess. Took the head apart, oiled it, put it back together, still nothing. So I found myself with half of the right side of my head shaved.

Not to be deterred, I got the scissors and began lopping off the longest hair. This got hair everywhere. I'm a bit mirror challenged which has never been an issue before but with the scissors, I couldn't really see where I had not cut. So I got my regular saftey razor (Harry's) and started trying to smooth shave my head.

While I was trying to adjust my non-adjustable mirrors and shave the back of my head at the same time - somehow, I shaved off the top dermal layer of skin about 1/2" circle. I felt it. I looked at the razor - there was a piece of my skin about the size of a nickel on the back side of it - that's never happened to me before. Now my head was bleeding profusely.

There was blood streaming everywhere and my head was still only about half shaved. I broke out my first aid kit and got blood and hair all over it. No bandages suitable for how much blood was escaping my scalp so I pulled out a triangular bandage and applied pressure to the wound while continuing to shave around it.

There was blood everywhere.

There was hair everywhere.

I finally stopped bleeding and finished shaving my head, carefully going around the sub-dermal exposed layer to keep it from start bleeding again. I cleaned up the bathroom, took a shower, screamed when the water (then the soap, then more water) hit my head wound and then dried off.

Miraculously, the bleeding had stopped. I applied some neosporin to my head and set about the touch up job. I think I still missed a few spots, but it will have to do. I'm glad to have this nightmare over.

I may never want to shave my head again - or maybe I'll start paying a barber - or maybe I'll buy a better shaver and throw out the other two.